Smile a Little Smile

A smile is a warm gesture
It brings down anger
It radiates friendliness to all beings
It sooths a personís heart
Smile a little smile for those in need
The broken hearts will feel better
The depressed will be lightened
Those in pain will feel more at ease
It does not cost you anything
Give your smile if you must
Even if you canít, then donate it
Our crying world, we often see
Husband and wife, cannot see eye to eye
Father and mother, cannot see eye to eye
Brothers and brothers, cannot see eye to eye
The initial happy relationship could not last
It is very unfortunate that in life sometimes
One has to go through this painful episode
For whatever reasons, even lovable and great artistes had to die young
Seen or unseen, known or unknown
We have to accept the sorrows and pain
And live with the sorrows and pain
If ever God has mercy
Maybe the pain will be healed
In one way or another
God willing, maybe the pain has a meaning
As the world is full of uncertainties
Let us start by giving a little smile
But sad to say
Certain people may have negative smile
Negative in the sense that the smile spoils the look
Instead of enhancing the look, it may kill the look
It is either the smile is unpleasant or not genuine
Once my close girl friend told me that
I couldnít even smile
I realized I had a lousy smile
It didnít look nice on me
At that time my life was upside down, not in the right direction
Now that I am following the right path with lesser wrongful actions
I noticed I could smile, a more pleasant one
It makes me younger whenever I smile to create a friendship
With the hope of introducing TAO
May your smile be a pleasant one
Donate it as often as you can to those in need.