Social Escort
         A person accompanying a member of the
         opposite sex socially
Is called a social escort
One day when I was at a private college
At the gate there were few young girls
Distributing leaflets to female students
A friend of mine approached them
And requested for a leaflet
Upon reading
The leaflet was inviting female students to be social escort
Promising good income
I wonder who is the mastermind
To get female students into vice
Master JiGong said
‘The ghostly jailers and the spiritual couriers
Of the underworld
Are running around at four corners of the earth
Here they come
Seizing and arresting ten thousand evils
Here they come
Cutting off ten thousand loves and passions’
To lure teenagers into vice
Is evil to satisfy passions
I wonder where are their consciences
What if they are their daughters or sisters?
I wonder how they feel
But certain people just could not bother
Sad but it is true
And I can see why certain people need to be punished
On earth and in the underworld
The ghostly jailers and the spiritual couriers
Are the Messengers of Death
To arrest the evils.