Spring Water
Master JiGong dictates a poem,
‘From ancient to modern times,
Ten thousands affairs have been changing
And disappearing like burning candles
The fleeting existence turns out
To be a journey in the dream
Those who realize this deeply
Are like spring water in the mountain
And the moon in the sky
How leisurely it shines’
Like a burning candle
Soon it will come to an end
All affairs and the impermanence of life
To truly understand the meaning of God’s message
We must apply our deepest wisdom
To investigate and analyse
Factors such as timing, regional and historical background
The evolutions and developments of the five religions
The decline of morality
The occurances of catastrophies
The progression of the world and human development
Is based on natural phenomena
Established by GOD
We definitely need God’s help
To return to Heaven
No matter how hard one cultivates
It is impossible to cleanse away
All the sins accumulated
Hence one must rely on GOD
To shoulder the sins
Like the spring water
How rare it is.