Stanza of Hui Neng

Some men will attain enlightenment
Much quicker than others
It is classified into ‘sudden’ and ‘gradual’
It is above the comprehension of the ignorants
It may be explained in ten thousand ways
But all those explanations
Traced back to one principle
Erroneous views keep us in defilement
Right views remove us from it
Bodhi is immanent in our essence of mind
Attempt to look for it elsewhere is erroneous
Within our impure mind
The pure one is to be found
If you wish to find the true way
Right actions will lead you to it directly
But if you do not strive for Buddhahood
You will grope in the dark and never find it
If we find fault with others
We ourselves are also in the wrong
By getting rid of the habit of fault-finding
We cut off a source of defilement
When neither hatred nor love disturbs our mind
Serenely we sleep
The kingdom of Buddha is in this world
Within which enlightenment is to be sought
Right views are called ‘transcendental’
Erroneous views are called ‘worldly’
When all views, right or erroneous are discarded
Then the essence of Bodhi appears
This stanza is for the ‘sudden’ school
It is called the ‘Big Ship of Dharma’
Kalpa after kalpa, a man may be under delusion
But once enlightened it takes him only a moment
To attain Buddhahood.