Start With Oneself
Master JiGong asked,
"How can we save this despairing world?
How can we purify and transform people’s mind?
Start with oneself.
The most beloved for people are the family members
If you can’t even handle the ‘five relationships’ well
How can you transform the world into a Paradise-On-Earth?
Correct oneself well
Enlighten and transform others
Then only will you not be muddle-headed and wasting time
While conducting yourself in the society
What is the aim of TAO?
The greatest aim is to transform the world into ‘The Great Likeness’
To seek the aim, Confucius thinking must be carried out
The Great TAO of Confucius and Mencius start with human relations."
Five relationships means
Relationship between husband and wife
Relationship between parents and children
Relationship between brothers and sisters
Relationship between friends
Relationship between ruler and his subjects
The Great Likeness means the Confucian ideal of world peace.
Correcting oneself is most difficult
People say that it is easy to spot a dust a distance away
But cannot see a matchstick sticking in front of one’s eyes
Most people feel that they are good enough or not at fault
But ever ready to point out the faults of others
In the temple of TAO
I have seen great transformations of many devotees
Most arrogant becomes most humble
Most fierce becomes most brave and gentle
Hot tempered becomes Mr cool
Most difficult person becomes very cooperative person
Bad habits becomes healthy habits………
Why do people change so drastically?
It is the great teaching of Master JiGong and other holy beings
And the manifestations of the underworld and their teachings
To tell us Heaven and Underworld are real
TAO is for world peace.