Stone and Gold
Master JiGong said,
"If the Teacher teaches you the way to
‘Touch a stone and turn it into gold’
Would that be useful?
Yet it cannot save your spirit and life!
Disciples, why must you receive this ‘pointing-out’ from the Bright Master?
The purpose of this ‘pointing out’ is to help you surpass births
And put an end to deaths
And to let your life and your spiritual nature be sublime."
Who is the Bright Master?
Bright Master is Master JiGong
An enlightened Teacher who can point out
The direct way to a seeker or a learner
What is this pointing out?
It is the Heavenly First Treasure or Divine Eye or Third Eye
In the Sutra of Maitreya Buddha
It is said that the ‘metal will be changed to gold’
By the pointing out from the Bright Master
It is not magic
But a reality beyond the comprehension of man
Why with this pointing out
It can help us to surpass births and put an end to death 
Our life and spiritual nature can be sublime
It is awakening of our inner soul
It is sudden awakening and God’s realization
That we can save ourselves and have salvation
Knowing the way back to Heaven
Knowing what to do and the reasons why
Knowing what not to do and the consequences
Knowing the Truth of all Truths
No more fantasy of wishing to turn stone into gold
No more fantasy of wishing for power to know the future
No more fantasy of wishing to walk on water
No more fantasy of wishing to fly while meditating
I have heard of these from fantasized people in the spiritual circle
Hoping to be able to do the supernatural
TAO has no magic
With magic it can be abused
If stone can be turned into gold
It is better to turn into food
When the stomach is hungry
The answer is food not gold
In time of war food is more important than gold
TAO is just like food for the soul.