To receive Tien-Tao is good, but won’t worshipping God

be superstitious? (38)


To worship God is to show one’s sincerity.  We always pay

respect to all who have helped us.  God descended Tien-Tao

to depict the Truth in Oneness.  With this revelation, mankind

knows that Oneness is the beginning of everything, and God is

the only Lord who created the cosmos.  We named God as

Wu-ji Lao-Mu4 because God is the Mother of our souls as

well as the Origin of our body.  Once a man is born, he loses

his True Self and forgets where he comes from.  As one is lost,

he suffers the tragedy of going through the cycle of birth, death

and rebirth in eternity.  Since Lao-Mu constantly thinks of us,

She descended Tien-Tao to bring salvation to mankind.  Tien-Tao

is the lighted road for us to follow and restore our True Selves. 

How could one be arrogant when he tries to receive Tien-Tao

which brings salvation to his life and True Self?  To worship

God is to express gratefulness and sincerity in receiving

Tien-Tao, how could it be regarded as superstition?