Sweet and Sour
Master JiGong said,
"Everyone of us must go through
The sweet, sour, bitter and spicy parts of life
A cultivator of TAO is not different from an ordinary person
Thus, cultivation is in the daily life
And what the Teacher passed on to you is but a common TAO
A simple and constant Truth and Principle
Common sense and common courtesy
Cultivation demands concentration
Donít be affected by the external influences
And let oneself gets lost in them
It is only when you dedicate more effort to TAO
Will the light of your Self-Nature get brighter and brighter
If you wish to become a Carefree, Immortal Being and a Buddha
You must cultivate and practise TAO with one-mindedness
Not repeating the same mistakes, humble the mind and subdue arrogance
Treat people with gentle words and a cheerful face
And be responsible to oneself and to Buddha
And to achieve the following
After carrying oneself across the bitter sea of life
One should help carry others across
Having oneself corrected, one must help others to correct themselves."
In the ordinary course of life
First is to be filial to our parents
If one is not filial, then every other thing is false
Even in the family there are sweet and sour part of it
It is even worse if a man has many wives and many children
First is the internal sweet and sour
Some even find it difficult to eat together
It can be bitter if there are money and properties to share
Filial piety could be false
Court cases among siblings fighting over properties are common
As cultivation of TAO is in the normal course of life
First is to perfect the Way of Man
It is in the ordinary daily life
From young to old
In actions and in words
Common sense and common courtesy tell our hearts
What to do and what not to do
If we deviate from it we will invite trouble to ourselves
Then there will be sweet, sour and bitterness to give us lessons in life
Once we have overcome it
Then we will understand better The Way of Heaven
Why there is such a practice called ĎThe Way of Heavení