The practice of Tao is endless.  Is there any easy method

for a beginner to follow step by step?


Confucian practice of Tao is holding the heart to cultivate the True

Self.  A beginner, in practicing Tao, needs only to follow this method. 

Rewards will be awarded when one keeps goodness in his heart. 

Punishments will be instituted when one keeps evil in his heart. 

Longevity can be attained by keeping tranquility in one’s heart. 

Thus, one must constantly adhere his mind to his Right Portal. 

This is what the saying “A practitioner of Tao constantly keeps

himself at the centre” meant.  By constantly adhering one’s mind

to his Right Portal, he is holding his heart to cultivate his True Self.


Mencius said “A practitioner of Tao differs from the common by

keeping the five virtues of Tao.  Some keep benevolence in their

consciences.  Some keep propriety in their consciences.  The

benevolent loves others.  The wise benefits others.  The decorous

respects others.  One who loves others will be loved.  One who

respects others will be respected.”  As practitioners of Tao, in

addition to the five virtues of Tao, we should constantly keep the

True Nature in our mind, and this will be sufficient.