Tao and Mankind


The shapeless and formless Tao brings about various elements and spiritual energy. These elements and spiritual energy combine to form living cells. Cells then proliferate into living entities. Because of these differences in the combination of elements and the intensity of spiritual energy, each living entity is unique. The intensity of the spiritual energy given to a species determines its class. Among all the living things on Earth, mankind is the only life form that possesses all attributes of Tao. Thus, mankind is the dominion on Earth. Tien-Tao is the mystic key to the cosmos just like a train must run on rails, a ship must sail on her course, an airplane must fly along its designated route. Catastrophes occur if a train is derailed, a ship deviated from her course, and a plane does not follow its designated route. Similarly, if one deviates from Tao, he is likely to commit sinful conducts and will suffer consequences. That is why Confucius once said, "He who knows Tao will forever follow the benevolent of Tao till he dies. He who knows Tao will constantly worry whether he can attain Tao and never worries about living in poverty. He who knows Tao is filled with joy".