Tears for Ghost


A friend sent an email to me recently (April 2006)

Advising me to read first before seeing the picture attached

After reading the short story attached

I came to the part of the picture

It was eerie feeling and I was quite frightened to look at it

I believe you will feel the same when you look at it

The same photo that you are going to see below

Is not as clear as in the email

Two days later I hosted the story and picture up in my website

Under Manifestation in Photos link

After hosting up at about 6.00pm Malaysia time

I started to drive back to my hometown 160 km away for the weekend

The story in the picture was someone asked

A stranger to take his photograph

In the last click, the stranger screamed and fainted

He was sent to the hospital but then died of shock

While driving back to my hometown through the country road

I started to think of the eerie photo, a lady ghost

Standing beside the man in the dark

My feeling suddenly arose and I started to think why

The lady ghost must appeared beside the man to let the stranger see

The shock killed the stranger and the photo was very widely circulated

Could it be revenge that the lady ghost is taking out on the stranger?

And also to let the world know that ghost is real?

When I think deeper, my tears started to roll down my cheeks

I pitied the lady ghost that she had to appear so frightful to people

She must have known that her look can frighten human

I do not really know how to help her to immediately have a better rebirth

Into a human again so that she can live a normal human life

My tears for her is just like when sometimes we see a pitiful human

Readers of this story after viewing the photo below

If you could answer my call to come together to help her

I hope we can all join together and pray for her to have a better rebirth

In the teaching of Tao, we can do good deeds and merits

And pass them over to anyone/soul that we wish

So that the suffering souls can end their sufferings

May we join together and pray for her and wish her better rebirth

May we do good deeds and merit in her name by referring to this photo

May God have Mercy and free her from this suffering state

Help her just like helping your relative or friend

May you not be frightened but have compassion for her below