Tee Hui Yee  (Dated 8/10/07)


Tee Hui Yee, a 14 year old Chinese girl needed a heart transplant

A beautiful small Malaysian girl, everyone would love to help

The parents of two wonderful Malaysians – one a 15-year old Malay boy

From a small town “Sitiawan, Perak in Malaysia,” and the other

A 20-year old Chin Yoon Koon, from Johor Baru, Malaysia

Willingly surrendered their sons’ hearts to Hui Yee

The first heart operation was failing because her body was rejecting the organ

The second needed even more urgently to save Tee Hui Yee’s life

It was a double miracle that brought life anew to Hui Yee

Within a short period, two young people were able to donate their hearts

Chin Yoon Koon died after a road accident in time for his heart to be harvested

After the second operation, Hui Yi is getting stronger, says the hospital

The father of the Malay boy said,

“My son was God’s gift to me

Now it is time to return the gift to God.”

The President of the Malaysian Chinese Association, Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said:

“This is the real Malaysia where every act transcend race and religion

And reaffirms the fact that all human beings are the same

In these few days, I am sure all Malaysians from every race and religion

Were united in spirit and in prayer for Hui Yee”

This has touched Malaysian and there was a wave of organ donations after that

The wall of resistance seems to have come down, says the doctor

Everyone seems touched by the story

Especially that a Malay boy’s heart was donated to a Chinese girl

This is beyond religion and the true nature of human

I strongly believe Malaysian of different races were united

This can be seen by various races expressing their heartfelt stories

“Even all ‘mufti’ and the Muslim Religious Development Department

Issued statements to support the cause,” said Dr Lela

When I look at the fighting going on in different part of the world

The same race fighting against each other because of different sect

Or one religion against another because of the certain leaders

It is a real pity that thousands have to die in vain created by man

This is the saying from Heaven:

“Human beings should be like a child with a sincere and

true heart to treat one another.

Regardless of a person’s citizenship, race and religion, we

should learn to respect, love and care for one another.

Do not asked for selfish gains and rely heavily on comfortable

materials. Do not waste the natural resources intentionally.

Do not destroy the natural habitat of our environment. Do not

invoke any war excuses. This is indeed sorrowful. We encourage

all of you as leaders to inculcate a heart of compassion and stop

all man-made disasters from happening. Only in this way can

human beings live in a harmony world.”