The Ten Exhortations delivered by Lao Mu translated by a Tao devotee.

To the devotees of Tao of Heaven, Lao Mu (or Huang Mu) refers to God.
Before the delivery, thousands of Immortals, Saints, BuddhasÖ..descended from
Heaven to give a message. All the words written here are purer than gold and
in the eyes of the devotees, they are priceless. To people of other faith, it is
spiritual knowledge which they may or may not accept. But
for the benefit of those who have faith in Tao, I am most
honored to
share the Holy Exhortations with them.  
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The translation of: The Letter of Huang Mu with ten exhortations.

Taiwan Republic of China in the year 2001 of Lunar Month of

March 15th 2001 at the event on Spring Season Commemorative

Event of Buddhas Prayers Session.


Love is the unimpeded support of help given in times of oneís trouble.

Love is the giver of a pure heart in times of oneís poverty.

Love is the comfort given at times of oneís emptiness.

Love is the guidance and instructions given in times of oneís quagmire.


We are Zhu-Tien-Shen-Sheng, the Spirit of Godís saints in the

empyrean Heavens, waiting upon Huang Muís arrival. We enter

the Altar of Heaven to the doorsteps and kowtow to Huang Mu.

We ask the Sagely ones, how are you and be at ease.


Today, it is at this grand meeting of this prayer session of the

Spring Commemorative Event that we send our greetings to

Huang Mu. Please show your sincere respect and we will

speak in a while. Ha Ha.


The Great Tao prevails everywhere among the commoners;

the Heaven opened its door to indicate its instructions.

Saint words are ubiquitous throughout the world to permeate its Truth.

Hope that all Sagely ones cultivate sincerely with a pure and

sincere heart. Do not be afraid of any hardships or burdens.

With one heart, serve the Great Tao Salvation like steering a

ferry with an impartial and compassionate heart.

Preserve a pure, innocent, sincere and quiet heart tenaciously.

Naturally, all spirits and Saints, Ghosts and deities as in Heaven

and Earth will respect and protect you.

Love adores and admires the lives of sentient beings.

You will obtain the protection for help from us in boundless

way and the lost will not be abandoned forever.  Ha Ha Stop.



In times of chaos, preserve a clear, bright and carefree heart.

This is called a truly Tao cultivator.

In times of enticements and temptations, one preserves oneís

dignity and faith. This is truly called a Tao cultivator.

In times of a straitened circumstance, one preserves a heart of

gratitude, dispense charity and thanksgiving. This is called a

truly Tao cultivator.

In times of an easy and favourable circumstance, one gives

precedence to others out of courtesy. This is called a truly

Tao cultivator.


We are the Thousands Fairies, Bodhisattvas, waiting for Godís

commandment, we arrived at the mortal world. We enter the

Altar of Sacred Temple and kowtow to Huang Mu. All Saintly

ones, become at ease, sincere and respectful.

This is a fine moment of celebration with Heaven and Earth

inviting all Saints and the sentient beings for reunion.

Please treasure this golden opportunity and brace up; be

ebullient to uplift your spirit and mind.

Quietly, we await for Huang Muís commandment. We are

happy to receive Her words of compassion. How is that?     

Ha Ha.      Stop.



With a sense of propriety, honesty, uprightness and truthfulness,

follow the middle path.

Heaven will naturally recompense a true heart with efficacious

response from Heaven spontaneously.

Hundreds of evils and millions of demons all bow their head to

meekly submit to God.

Millions of deities and spirits will protect the sentient beings to

have peaceful days.


We are the Four Great Heaven Kings, protecting Huang Muís

commandment, we arrived at the mortal world. We hurriedly

kowtow to Huang Mu.


All Sagely ones, we entreat you and be at ease. Today, at this

commemorative meeting, we hope you will urbane your manners


Do not be perturbed and restless and follow the rules and

regulations of the temple.

Can you understand? Stop.



Express your heart of good kind-heartedness and goodwill.

Naturally, all the spirits and sentient beings will be delighted

and be filled with joy. 

Once an unwholesome thought arise, your ancestors and past

relatives will be depressed and grieved.


We are the Ba-Da Jin-Gang, the Eight Golden Bodyguards,

protecting the Saints, we enter the temple and we kowtow to

all Saints. Saintly ones, be at peace and congratulate to everyone.

Stay calm and tranquil; listen attentively to this communal

worship to show your solemn respect.               Stop.



You have your lands and I have my verdant meadows.

No matter if itís on high grounds or flat lands,

We should cultivate the plot of land for its harvest.

You have your Heaven, while I harvested my Heaven.

No matter if the Heaven comes from the East or West,

Practice Tao is indeed called a living Saint.


I am The Buddha of Longevity; we lead the upper, middle and

lower class of the Eight Immortalsí. We await upon Huang Mu

descending to the Eastern Earth and arrive in the earthly world.

We enter the Buddhaís Temple of Great Tao Salvation. We

kowtow to Huang Mu and are delighted at this big celebration

of Spring Season Prayers. First, we send our greetings of bliss to

Huang Mu. We pray for longevity to our Huang Mu. Babies,

I hope that all of you are healthy and at peace.

Everybody, please guard your Holy door and do not let your

imaginations run wild.

Let Huang Muís saintly light shine upon us as bright promising

days and be gratified.

Let Huang Muís Saintly light touches us as quiet and delightful days.               

Ha Ha Stop.



The darkness of Hell realm comes from the ugly heart of selfishness.

The coldness of Hell realm comes from the ungrateful heart of human beings.

The horror of Hell realm comes from the violence and threats of evilness.

The sorrow of Hell realm comes from the cunning and schemes of human hearts.


I am the Buddha of Hell Realm, I lead the underworld judges of

the ten levels, and we await upon Huang Mu and arrived on the

mortal earth. We kowtow to Huang Mu and speak with earnest.


The Hell and Heaven realms emanate from the furtive heart of

human beings.

The karma of rewards and retribution emanates from the affinity

and affairs of human relationships.

Though, our thoughts are hidden and are small in magnitude, it is

diaphanous like a bright lamp under Heavenís eyes.

It, however seems a little discomfort when the light shines on you,

saintly ones, please think carefully, think carefully. Ha Ha Stop.



Where is the preciousness of Tao, it is within our golden body

and our spiritual souls which will elucidate luminary wisdom

in its dignified and solemn manner.

Where is the sacred duty and lights of Tao, it is within our body,

speech and mind in numinous compassion.

I am the Goddess of Mercy, Manjusri Bodhisattva and Pu Xian

Bodhisattva, awaiting the Saintsí commandments, we arrived

at the Altar of Buddhas, we send our greetings to Huang Mu.

May I ask if all the sagely ones are at ease?


Remain calm and quiet, listen carefully to our words of compassion.

We have done what we should not have done previously.

We have said things, which we should not have said previously.

We have unwholesome thoughts, which arise boldly and vehemently.

This is the law of karmic effects. What we should do, we have not do

it eagerly. What we should said, we have not spoken out of our

true hearts. What we should think carefully as wholesome thoughts,

we have left it behind in ignorance. How can our virtues and merits

be perfect? How can our rewards of karma be increased? Saintly ones,

in pursing the path to Buddhahood, one should be eager and earnest

in self-improving. Do not do evil deeds and serve the sentient beings

wholeheartedly. Have you understood?  Stop.



The law of Heaven is strict and demanding, the law of karma is even more severe.

The law of Heaven is without mercy, the law of karma is even more merciless.

The law of Heaven is frightening, the law of karma is even more frightening.

The law of Heaven is fair and just, the law of karma is even fairer and justified.


We are the Guardians of Heavenís laws, the lawyers of the three

realms, Martinet, Guan Sheng Buddha, and among the Zhang,

Lu and Yue immortals, protecting the altar of Huang Mu, we

entered the Buddhaís Temple in Her Holiness. We kowtow and

genuflect at the mercy of Huang Mu. May we asked if the sagely

ones are you at peace?


Remain quiet and calm, listen attentively and examine closely?

Do not be disturbed and do not be lenient.

Perform excellently to comfort the hearts of Huang Mu.

Have you understood? Stop.



Do not be deluded by the mortal weariness and love affairs.

Do not be dissolute and do evil but cultivate earnestly with a true heart.

A righteous heart earns wisdom and it shines upon oneís innate nature.

Be honest in your cultivation and you will succeed as a living Saint.


I am the Bodhisattva Hui Neng and I await upon the Saint

commandments. I enter the mortal world, and reach the Buddhaís

Temple. I kowtow to Huang Mu. I treasure my golden opportunity

and affinity to share with everyone with kind and honest teachings

in simple words.

Heaven will witness our roles in Tao cultivation as good or bad and

to see if our tasks are accomplished well or bad.

Oneís performance is not focused only on the Buddhaís Temple

but it is focused importantly on the performances at homes.

Especially when one is alone, are we respectful, dignified, sedate

and careful enough? Do we fall into the evil paths or are we

disturbed and lenient and stray from morality. Do we follow

the Buddhaís rules and regulations? Everybody has deep-rooted

affinity with the Buddhas and is considered men of wisdom. It is

absolutely true that we know how to warn ourselves against

the good or bad. This will prevent us from falling into the three

evil paths of Hell realm. Ha Ha Stop.



Establish your Will and a gentleman should be brave and constantly

strive to become stronger with unremitting efforts to improve oneself.

Rid of unwholesome paths and cultivators should understand the

true meaning of words.

Rid of selfish love but care for all sentient beings. Steer the Dharma

ferry and convert all 96 billions of sentient beings to meet God.


I am Bai Shui Lao Ren, leading the Bodhisattva Wen Ci, De hui

Bodhisattva and Ci Zheng Bodhisattva.

We entered the mortal earth and venerate our respect to Huang Mu.

We kowtow to Huang Mu at this Spring Season Prayers and we

send our greetings to God.


We are delightful to see all of you, my brothers and sisters.

With a heart of gratitude towards Lao Muís love, we thank Her

continuous great kindness.

We hope that all brothers and sisters, be sincere and respectful

With a true heart, we will not be a letdown towards Godís love.

Do you understand?


At this White stage of Tao propagation, Tao cultivators practice Tao

with Saintly tasks and ordinary living.

At home, regardless of father or mother, sons and daughters, friends

and relatives, wives and husbands, daughters-in-laws and sons-in-laws,

we should uphold our fraternal duties and roles. We should fulfill

our responsibilities. We live together with good human relationships.

Our attitudes are sincere and respectful.

We should learn to respect one another, to be grateful to one another.

This indeed can be called a Tao cultivatorís family. Only this can

touch the human hearts in your homeland and bring succour to

encourage all your friends and relatives to cultivate Tao together.


In the Buddhaís Temple, we should encourage one another in our

Tao progress. I support you and you support me. We progress in a

favourable circumstance. We do not burden one another in a bad

environment. Memorize and recite more Buddhaís admonishments.

Study the scriptures carefully and understand them truly. This will

help us to inculcate the heart of benevolence and the life-styles of past

saints and sages. Learn to understand and care for others. Demand

from yourself to have a strong Tao foundation. Uphold Tao

cultivatorís principles, precepts and duties. Do not be a letdown

towards our Great Teacherís kindness and virtues. How is that? Stop.



To reach all corners of the earth is indeed blissful and carefree.

We should lay down all our affinities and human relationships.

If you are shouldered with the burden of fame and fortune, you

will be troubled days after days.

If you can convert your thoughts and human hearts with wholesome

ideas, your Tao path will be bright and smooth journey.

Leap a big step towards your Tao cultivation, your future will not be bad.


I am The Immortal of Roams, leading all roaming angels, I await the

Saintís commandments. I entered the Buddhaís Temple. We kowtow

to God. We send our greetings to God with full of Saintsí gratitude

and thanksgiving with continuous great kindness from God.


96 billions of sentient beings bathe in the golden rays of the bright

sun, the Heaven and Earth celebrates joyously which inspire and

arouse the enthusiasm of many sentient beings.

Sagely brothers and sisters, such a fine affinity is hard to come by.

Treasure this golden affinity, remain quiet and wait upon the

compassionate God,

Be with us to lay down our admonishments. How is that? Stop.



In our Guard Palace, where is the treasure in oneís hometown?

An air of righteousness is rare to find as a lifetime treasure

What is the secret of oneís success to a peaceful house?

The secret of oneís success is to be tolerant and generous; honest and kind.


I am Zheng Dian Yuan Suai, Mao Meng Elders leading all the

Mao Meng classes, protecting Godís arrival. We enter the Temple

and we kowtow to Huang Mu in a hurry as we arrived.

Brothers and Sisters, be at ease.

Preserve your spirits and concentrate on your holy door.

Observe the rules and regulation of the Temple.

Huang Muís affinity with everyone is not based on critics.

Be careful with your words and actions, then you are truly a wise one.



In the passage of Truth, if you cling on to attachment, you will

suffer from mishaps, calamity, disasters and drown into the sea of

sufferings in this boundless cosmos which tie you in bondages.

In Zen meditation, if you can fully understand, you can build up

your wealth of merits and virtues to attain enlightenment and to

emancipate from the reincarnation cycles.


I am The Zen Master, leading the Zen classes, I protect the Altar of

Huang Mu. I arrive at the Temple and I kowtow to our compassionate

Lao Mu in a hurry.

Brothers and Sisters, be careful and do not be perturbed.

Observe all the rules and regulations so that our temple will be sedate and dignified.

Demand from yourself, and do not break any rules and regulations of the Temple.

Have you understood, Stop.



Our innate nature is clear, effulgence, respectful and yet quiescent.

Like the day and night with its brightness and perfection in provenance.

See through the Heavenís eternal truth and you are not far from eternity.

Since the ancient days till today, the holy door is the redoubtable and

veritable point of enlightenment.


We are Buddha Jigong and Bodhisattva Yue Hui,

Serving Huang Mu, we arrived on the Eastern Earth. We entered the

Temple and kowtow. We are glad to meet at this spring season event

and send our greetings to you.

Be grateful and be compassionate to all, the blessings of Heaven is

great and Heaven protects all those with affinity. Disciples, wait in

a while to receive your blessings and Godís mercy.

At all times, be grateful in your hearts. Lao Mu came upon to meet us

and should not be treated lightly.

Disciples, wait a while for all to stand attentively.

We should have good performances.

We should be humble and earnest.

We can indeed be under our Lao Muís grace and care to receive

efficacious response from Her. Have you understood?


The quality of life, can be real, pure and perfect.

But, it is not realized because all sentient beings are living in this

mystic world and not Heaven.

We are influenced by our selfish desires and our bad habits are with us.

We cannot place ourselves above and feel the superiority of spiritual

teachings above materials comforts.

Consequently, we cannot see the Divine true self as a perfect renascent

being, and our innocent and pure innate nature.

We are also unable to live in a happy and joyful human life.

In our path of Tao cultivation and our charitable works,

We must uphold our determination and will power to escape from the

burdens of fame, fortune and our desires of attachment.

Cut down your intangible temper.

Our accumulated bad habits over our past lives should not influence

our souls to be in bewilderment.

Only our Divine bright light can coagulate and form glistering lights

to be sufficient to touch the Spiritual world in Ten Directions with

efficacious response felt.

Only this can one change oneís destiny.

Disciples, while in your free time, at all times, remember to be quiet and

concentrate on your holy door.

Do not be impetuous and impulsive to calm our deep breath. How is that? Stop.



We should practice our customs and etiquetteís appropriately, only

then can we be filled with an air of righteousness in Tao.

We should uphold our precepts perfectly, only then can we practice

Tao correctly.

I am the lawyer of the three realms, protecting Huang Muís order. I

entered the Buddhaís Temple and in a hurry, I kowtow to Huang Mu.

Brothers and sisters, are you at peace?


Be calm and quiet, listen carefully to my admonishments,

The Heavenís eyes are constantly keeping watch over you, your

merits and demerits will manifest.

To rise or fall lies with a single thought, establish your will and

resolve to emulate the past saints and sages.

The mercy of Heaven is great and unlimited in unbounded

impressive and dignified manner.

We should observe our Templeís rules and regulations.

Do not be perplexed and lax in discipline; careless and sloppy.

We wait upon Huang Mu to meet everyone and to lay down her


Do you understand? Stop.



The five great religions are one big family.

Because of sentient beingsí influences, these religions have changed progressively.

The common teachings of these religions are to promote peace and


Accept one another with forbearances.


We are the five great religionsí teachers, waiting upon Godís arrival

to the mortal world, we entered the Temple and kowtow to Huang Mu.

We asked you, Sagely ones, are you at ease?


Remain quiet and calm and listen to our simple words of compassion. Ha. Ha.



Human beings should be like a child with a sincere and true heart to

treat one another.

Regardless of a personís citizenship, races and religions, we should

learn to respect, love and care for one another.

Do not asked for selfish gains and rely heavily on comfortable materials.

Do not waste the natural resources intentionally. Do not destroy the

natural habitat of our environment completely. Do not invoke any war

excuses. This is indeed sorrowful. We encourage all of you as leaders to

inculcate a heart of compassion to conserve and stop all man-made

disasters from happening. Only in this way can human beings live in a

harmony world. Ha Ha. Stop.



I am not particular and I am not particular. I suffer from humiliations

and I am not particular.

Do not be particular and our journey will be extensive and vast with


I learn to forgive and accept one another, to forgive and accept one

another. Of His or Her shortcomings and I must learn to forgive and accept.

Learn to forgive and accept one another, and your moral values will

be strengthened with self-restraint.

I am happy and I am always happy. I accumulate merits and good deeds

to be happy always.

Be happy always and oneís life will be healthy and lively.

I will succeed in reaching Buddhahood and I will succeed in Buddhahood.

I saved all sentient beings to succeed in my goals of Buddhahood.

Succeed in your goals and there will be values in your life through your cultivation.


I am Maitreya Buddha, awaiting upon Huang Muís arrival, I entered

the Temple and send my greetings to God. This moment of bliss is in

perfect harmony and is invaluable. Even more so, such a fine

opportunity is worthy of esteem. All grandchildren are indeed

fortunate to meet with such an opportunity. Our time is limited,

Huang Mu will meet everyone today. I will say no more and all my

disciple-grandchildren, please remain quiet. I welcome Huang Muís

arrival, Ha Ha Stop.



I am you and you are me. Buddhas are human beings and human

beings are Buddhas.

How beautiful and happy are we, how natural, harmonious and

peaceful are we?


We both are, angels of treasures, following Huang Mu, we entered the

Buddhaís Temple and kowtow to our compassionate Mother-in-Heaven.

We saw all our brothers and sisters gathered in this temple. Both of us

are indeed very happy. Our time is limited and God has arrived. We

shall stop our writings. Xi Xi Stop.




Sons who are honest and kind-hearted have established Huang Muís

Divine perfection and beauty.

Sons who are bright and magnanimous have shine upon the clear

spiritual lights of Huang Mu

Sons who are soft, gentle and quiet have gathered upon Huang Muís

compassion and efficacious response to you.

Sons who are contented and your thanksgiving have sent Huang

Mu in happiness with your well wishes.

Sons who are without selfish desires and ego attachment have spread

the lights of Huang Mu unfettered love to suffuse all corners of the world.

Sons who are firm and determined have entered Lao Muís teaching

on eternity immortality as your masterpiece and hallmark.


I am the God of Infinite, came to meet my sons in this mortal world

through the effulgence of Divine grace.

I came to wake up my sons, look at you, my sons, let me carry you,

my sons, let me touch you, my sons.

You are God beloved sons, my thick blood kin, are all of you fine

living in this mortal earth?

You have forgotten about how I missed you, how I cared for you.

Have you all forgotten?

You have all forgotten about the covenant we share together,

It is all because I am incapable of any help to render and to take

care of you. Am I?

You have immersed yourself in this mortal earth for long and had

long forgotten yourself. As I speak till now, I, Mother from Heaven,

am plaintive and filled with sorrow. I had nothing to say.  Ha Ha Ha.



In a moment, I remembered Gong Zang and Zi Sun who have

obtained the Heavenly decree to spread the Great Tao salvation.

They have been in search of those with affinities in all four corners

of the world to awake the Buddha Child.

There are sentient beings who are awakened and are no longer

deluded. There are those who follow the paths of Buddhas and

thinking of these, Huang Mu is filled with happiness and not

sorrows anymore.


I, Divine Lao Mu, heave a sign, to wake up My Sons and Daughters,

to be sincere in your Tao cultivation is easy and to lag behind the

cultivation is just as easy. It has caused me to be disheartened.

I could not explain clearly whether am I happy or sad, am I

suffering or not. It all depends on these moments of your thoughts.

Allow Huang Mu to use my shaking hands to hold on tightly to your

hands. Allow Huang Mu to use your clothing to wipe your tears.

Do not cry, be upset or despondent. Be calm, everyone. Be quiet,

everybody. The three oracles kowtow and make an invitation rite

to God. Have a rest first, My sons and daughters. Ha. Stop.


The Infinite God, I am here to hold the golden pen and sent the

letters of Huang Mu in blood.

I sent my letters to those who listened to me solicitously and

wherefore I speak here.

All of you have descended to the mortal earth to govern the world.

It has long been ever since sixty thousand of years ago and all

My Sons and Daughters have suffered from much hardship.

No matter if you are young or old, one cannot escape from the

inexorable six paths of reincarnation cycles.

All of you have been reincarnating for many lives and have long

forgotten about Heaven palace.

Do you know how worried, I, Lao Mu my heart is suffering?

I am worried that my sons would be lost in the path of enlightenment

and Bodhi attainment.

Every word here, you must remember and understand clearly of

Lao Mu, my intention.

Convert to the utopia world and finally return to the Heavenly


Thousands of letters I have sent to earth, you ought to understand

my intention and to represent Heaven to awake the deluded and

ignorant ones.

Propagate Tao to all the 96 billions of sentient beings to board

the salvation ferry. Accept the Great Teacherís ambition and

devotion and continue with the Tao decree and lineage.

Cultivate earnestly to achieve enlightenment and return to the

Heavenly kingdom to meet God.

If you understand the real living Cross in oneís soul body, you

will ultimately meet God in the promised convenant.

Retreat and be pious, your heart will follow you through

Divine directions.

The real living Cross in oneís soul body will not stray away

from the right path and go beyond the rules and regulations.

If you stray away from Tao, you have errant from the path of

Truth and your heart is in a quandary.

My exhortations should be regarded as most appropriate to

awaken your heart.

Just be perfect when you died with a true and sincere heart at clemency.

Lao Muís exhortations must be written as an article like an inscription

on a tablet to be recorded and remembered behind.

The Three Treasures you obtained is your guarantee to Heaven and

now, the time has ripe for all those with affinities.

This orthodox school of Tao is genuine. Bells rings alarmingly in

this Buddha Temple on earth to spread Dharma joy widely.

Its like real and fake, this place is glittering in beauty.

Without dust and dirt, without purification, Buddha Lights

are always unbounded

Remain quiet to introspect upon your nature.

Without worries, you stay happily in this Jade Palace of Heaven.

Emulate the great benevolent heart of Maitreya Buddha and

emulate the compassionate love of your Great Teachers.

Be self-effacing as you emulate this character of Shi Mu. All

these are for My Sons and Daughters to know.

As I used the golden pen to lay down my words, I am in sorrow.

This letter from home in written simple words as delivered is a

gift sent to all My Sons and Daughters.


My First Exhortations: To all Huang Muís children,


Continue the Tao lineage and propagate Tao sincerely with no

change in your aspiration.

Love and care for one another like steering a ferry together.

Form a connection between the predecessors and followers and

you can be claimed a holy saint child.


I send all my Buddha Children to descend and reach the mortal

earth on the lunar month of March 15th 2001.

At this grand meeting, it was the celebration of the Spring Season

commemorative event. I came upon to see my lovely Children.

I hold the golden pen and sent my exhortations in sand-writings

to express my heartfelt feelings from the bottom of my heart.

Filial sons and daughters, do you remember your Infinite Divine,

Lao Mu.

I look at the right side and glance at the left side to see all my

children in this temple.

The departure since you first descended to mortal earth has left

you suffering in this world for more than sixty thousand of years.

Behold, Divine Lao Mu meet you, My child in this Buddha Temple

and I am filled with sorrow and happiness.

I awakened my filial sons and daughters to let me see you clearly.

The Great Tao propagation is in the decree of Buddha Tian Ran and

Buddha Yue Hui in the three domains.

To save the sentient beings from this contaminated world and to

purify the world into a pureland.

Continue with this Heaven lineage with determination and this is

your path to the Heavenly kingdom 

Propagate the Great Tao to all 96 billions of sentient beings to return

to Heaven.

Brothers and sisters should help one another.

Do not sunder and tear apart among yourself but to expand on

your scope and capacity in your Tao propagation.

Brothers and sisters should take care of one another.

The young and old; the Senior Masters and Junior followers should

support one another to complement one another shortcomings.

You can lighten my heart in this way who I am always thinking of

you very hard in Heaven day and night.

Represent your Great Enlightened Teachers to shoulder the great

tasks and responsibilities.

In these three days, the saint tasks are indeed exceptional and special.

I, Divine Lao Mu hope that all My Sons and daughters would

propagate Tao with your tears and sweat, not afraid of any hardships.

You have entered the Holy place out of your ordinary living.

In bliss, you will enjoy happiness for 10,800 years in eternal Heaven.


2nd Exhortations: Thoughtful advise To all Huang Muís children,

My Sons and Daughters.

Emulate the pattern of all Saints and Sages to attain the Bodhi

through cultivation. (i.e supreme wisdom or enlightenment

necessary to the attainment of Buddhahood.)

Sons, nourish your inborn nature by observing rules and

etiquette to inculcate discipline and moral values.

Daughters, inculcate virtues and emulate from the dignified

manners of your good mothers examples

In the Heavenís Temple, all My Sons and Daughters abide by

the rules and regulations in a biddable manner.

Emulate the past Saints and Sages to attain the Bodhi through

Tao cultivation.

I, the Divine Lao Mu writes again as didactic to remind all

my Sons and Daughters to circumspect and bear in mind.

As you self-reflect and understand in your heart, you will be

filled with Dharma joy.

Male continue the three forms of lineage while female observe

the six followings.

Just like the Yin and Yang of the Heaven and Earth in this cosmos.

The cycles move as Heavens grow to form millions of images and

male and female appearances.

Sons are regarded as Heaven and Daughters are denoted as Earth.

The natural phenomenon movement of Heaven and Earth is in order

and sequence.

Heaven is the shelter of earth and Earth as a place of ferry. It is never

in disorder or defy in its law.

I hope that all My Sons and Daughters would emulate the virtues of

Heaven and Earth to restrain oneself and to re-establish oneís foundation

in etiquettes.

I hope that My Sons and Daughters would shift the energies of Yin and

Yang and adjust accordingly like the days and nights shining upon you.

My Sons, be respectful and cultivate to avoid from sexual misconduct.
Daughters, be chaste and self respect towards oneís body in high esteem.

My Sons, avoid from theft and Daughters, avoid from being contemptible

to wash away all sins and to purify oneself.

My Sons, you ought to have resolution and Daughters, observe the

virtues and followings to pledge oneís allegiance to God.

The old can be at peace and the young can cherish and keep in mind.

Do not harbour any thoughts of theft and violence and be in chastity.

Allow the earth to be purified as it is Lao Muís My wish.

Convert the world into a pure land as Lao Muís My ardent hope and expectations.

Fathers are compassionate and Sons are filial to foster and enjoy the

familyís bliss together.

Motherly virtues are like the Spring sunshine, beautiful flowers which

had blossomed amd fresh green leaves lying in the meadows.

The pictures of familiesí happiness are so beautiful. It allows us to be

gratified and be enchanted.

There is nothing to be afraid of. As long as you have the Will, thereís

a Way to fulfill it.

I hope that all My Sons and Daughters would make great efforts

and do your utmost and I, Lao Mu will encourage everyone.

Wait upon the affinity when you have attained the enlightenment

and cultivated to a perfect soul, quickly return to the Heavenly Kingdom.

All My Sons and Daughters, understand clearly the true essence

meaning and directions of life.

Establish yourself first, then establish others to spread the

Gospel of Truth.


3rd Exhortations: Thoughtful advise To all Huang Muís Children,

My Sons and Daughters.


I hope that all of you would succeed in your goals to return to the

Heavenly kingdom.

For all religions to return and unify to One is not a difficult task.

Once you have perfected your virtues and merits, you will

understand everything about Tao as it is in the beginning to the end.

Cultivate the Great Tao is to cultivate oneself and do not look upon

others as a comparison.

Cut down your seven types of desires and six forms of attachment

of greed, delusion, aversion and ignorance.

Affection and feelings are love which lock up your physical body in


In the Heaven Palace, all My Sons and Daughters would have

understood and differentiate the eternal truth from falsehood.

What is real and what is false? Do not be attached to this mortal world.

Do not be perplexed by the human love relationships but escape from

this sea of sufferings.

Do not be attached by any desires but escape from the reincarnation cycles.

My Filial Sons and Filial Daughters, you can be claimed as the dragons

and phoenixes

Be an outstanding cultivator like a gentleman with benevolence and

humanity character.

Be benevolent and forgiving and thence in treating others well.

Remain loyal and set your heart firm in this direction and be peaceful.

A gentleman is indeed benevolent once after determining oneís will and

set your mind fixed.

There is no theft to fight against one another like the soldiers in a

country who are strong and in order.

While the country is prosperous and the people of all the Republic

are in happiness and harmony. It can be regarded as auspicious and


Cultivate oneself in body and spirit and establish oneís family to

enjoy thriving blessings and flourishing bliss.

Once, the Tao in Human beings is established and the Heavenly

peerage is obtained, a person becomes a living saint.

Understand the ins and outs of everything and have the knowledge

of all roots and cardinal principal.

This is no doubt an important task for My Sons and Daughters to

advance earnestly with perseverance.

Poverty maybe the roots and you may accomplish your tasks dutifully.

Still, all problems have to be solved from its fundamental.

Understand the importance of rules and observances. Teach the

Great Tao and you will be respected and admired by the spirits

and ghosts. 

Show benevolence among friends and compassion in oneís

relationships. One would then become a saint.


4th Exhortations: To all Huang Muís children.


The entry path to Tao is no longer a difficult task.

Be self-righteous and benevolent to propagate the Great Tao

Salvation in the three domains.

The tasks are simple and not difficult to achieve. There will be

good news waiting ahead to avert all difficulties.

In this Heavenís palace (Temple), all My Sons and Daughters,

listen carefully to Lao Mu, My words.

As you cultivate Tao, do not be afraid of any trials and tribulations.

Be brave and forge ahead.

The jade will not be jarred but well polished as you mould your

character. You will weep if you fail.

Metal will not turn stainless if you do not refine it just like Poet

Lee Bai mould the black ink

Bad can surpass the good however, one can never commit sins and

offences at all levels.

As you suffered from the slanders, defamation, trials and tribulation,

then you will become a living saint with strong faith.

All trials may be merciless and tribulations may be tough, it is all but

training for oneself.

Hold on to it tightly and bear with it. After all the trials, one can be

called a living saint.

The Heaven is impartial and without any selfish desires, all will be

well taken care of and recorded accordingly.

The true merits and virtues can overcome all shortcomings.

All your ancestors and descendents will be honored and enraptured

to enter the Holy Way out of the ordinary livings.

Determining your merits and virtues, you can enter into this Holy Class.

Those with affinity can establish great goals and enjoy eternal bliss

in the Assembly of Long Hua.

Regardless of wealth or poverty, everyone can obtain it.

I hope that all Sons and Daughters would grasp this golden

opportunity to cultivate Tao earnestly.

I would select the elite and hold meetings to manage the great

tasks of the last stage of Tao Salvation.

After the heavy downpour, and the day is sunny again. The bright

day appeared as the dark nimbus clouds disappeared.

I will turn around the evil and misfortune and after which, it will

be unbounded bright lights again.

I hope that all Sons and Daughters would establish your vows

and be united to fulfil them earnestly.

When you meet with any obstacles, you should steer the ferry hand in hand.


5th Exhortations: To all Huang Muís Children, the Virtuous and Filial


Forgo from killings, sexual misconduct, stealing, delusions and

drinking wine.

Be earnest and diligent and do not be lazy. Always harbour a

sincere and child-like nature.

Follow your decree and instruction, steer the Dharma ferry

regardless of any tasks as assigned to you.

Of all virtues and merits, filial piety is the greatest of all that

touches the Heaven. Thus, one must observe the duty of filial

piety as your first priority.

Among all evil deeds, sexual misconduct is the most sinful deed

that can demerit you.

Once you lied and your desire to kill is aroused, a ferocious and

hatred expression appeared in your outlook.

Be obsessed with the drinking wine and sexuality confuses oneís

mind and nature. It is difficult to escape from the law of Heaven.

In the Heavenís palace (Temple), all My Sons and Daughters have

already understood these rules and regulations.

Bad habits should be changed and the good habits should be

improved further.

Observe the five precepts and follow the Taoís path. The good

will bear good fruits through the cultivation of virtues and merits.

With a sense of shame and chastisement, your innate nature will be

strengthened with good faith.

If you have a child-like nature, hold on to it firmly as it is in the

beginning to the end.

If you have a heart of sincerity and determination, do not succumb

to any failures in life and you will be indomitable.

If you are a man of wisdom, you can solve problems uprightly

without delusions.

If you have a benevolent and compassionate heart, you will

invariably have the virtue of compassion indefinitely.

If you have a brave heart, you can defeat all demons.

If you give precedence to others out of thoughtfulness, there

will be no more fighting and quarrels anymore.

If you have a heart of ease, there is nothing to be arrogant about.

If you have a heart of diligence, you can run fast and far in the

right directions.

If you have a heart of compassion, serve the Buddhaís Temple

earnestly through propagation.

If you have a heart of gratitude, you will not forget Lao Mu completely.

If you have a calm and quiet heart, you will not have any worries.

If you have a happy heart, you will be carefree and in freedom.

I hope that all My Sons and Daughters would remember everything

and fulfill your duty as I said.

Regardless of any Tsunami catastrophes, pandemic, storms and trials,

you will not be shaken.

As I speak till now, all My Sons and Daughters have kneeled for long enough.

I, Lao Mu cannot bear to see you kneel anymore. I entreat you not to kneel anymore and

you may rise and stand in order.


6th Exhortations: To all Huang Muís beloved Children.


Do according to your abilities and strength. Fulfil your heart of

benevolence and righteousness. Teach Tao moral values. Follow

the path of Bodhisattva with bright light.

Bodhi means Bodhisattva who saves the sentient beings. The

innate supreme wisdom and the heart of Bodhisattva is amazingly

exquisite and ingenious.

The Heart of Bodhisattva is the heart of Father who is venerate and saintly.

The heart of Bodhisattva is the heart of Mother who is truthful in her feelings.

The heart of Bodhisattva is the heart of Brother who cares for the younger brothers and sisters.

The heart of Bodhisattva is the heart of Sister who dotes on the

younger brothers and sisters.

The heart of Bodhisattva is the heart of the younger brother who

respects all the elderly.

The heart of Bodhisattva is the heart of the younger sister who

respects all the elder sisters and brothers.

The heart of Bodhisattva is the heart of friends who respect one another.

The heart of Bodhisattva is the heart of husbands and wives who

respect one another sincerely.

The heart of Bodhisattva is the heart of all righteous men who

follow the teachings of benevolence and righteousness.

The heart of Bodhisattva is the heart of fathers and sons who stay

in a family bliss and harmony.

The heart of Bodhisattva is the heart of mothers and sons who evince

to sing in harmony.

The heart of Bodhisattva is the heart of the Baptists who work

ceaselessly with fidelity for all sentient beings.

The heart of Bodhisattva is the heart of the Templeís owners who

succeed in the Taoís mission at the forefront of their mind.

The heart of Bodhisattva is the heart of the Templeís speakers who

have spoken in a pure and accurate manner.

The heart of Bodhisattva is the heart of the Templeís speakers who

have ascended to a higher level.

The heart of Bodhisattva is the heart of the Templeís entourage and

helpers who are united in its duty.

The heart of Bodhisattva is the heart of the three oracles who are

always calm and quiet.

The heart of Bodhisattva is the heart of the disciples and the Great

Teachers who shared the common views and thoughts.

The heart of Bodhisattva is the heart of the children with Lao Mu

who respect and greet one another

The heart of Bodhisattva is the heart of the children with Lao Mu

who have promised to meet again in the Heavenly Kingdom.


7th Exhortations: To all Obedient Children of Huang Mu.


Be kind-hearted and not deluded and your innate nature will be

affable and amiable.

The virtues and wisdom of water is supreme, it can sustain ease and

peace with equanimity.

Virtues are eternal since the ancient days and it illuminates the

mortal earth.

Filial Sons and Daughters practice the Way is indeed beneficial.

Modest, courtesy and humility are the good qualities in treating

others wherein you will be a kind person.

Do not vent your anger and your outlook will be comely.

Speak softly and in words of caution and you will not speak loudly

habitually but in equanimity.

Water, Oh, it is so soft that water can break through the stones.

Water, Oh, it has a golden body that cannot be broken into pieces

by cutting knife through it.

Water, Oh, it is humble and modest and yet it can dwell in places

which people avoid and it can withhold the evil of human beings.

Water, Oh, it has an upright and pure character to wash the tassels and legs.

Water, Oh, it is pure goodness that it is not afraid of dirt.

Water, Oh, it can dwell and blend according to varied shapes and sizes.

Water, Oh, itís heart is pure, compassionate, and denotes on giving.

Water, Oh, it is benevolent, forgiving, and it follows the moral values.

Water, Oh, itís good belief comes with its promises within.

Water, Oh, it has self-love to fulfil its exemplary conduct which are set

for others to learn.

Water, Oh, it clearly distinguishes the good environment and can dwell in peace.

Water, Oh, it is impartial with no poverty and pitiful choices.

Emulate water qualities to self-reflect oneís mistakes and wrong doings.

Emulate water qualities of its pureness without any impurities.

Emulate water qualities to sacrifice oneself in order to satisfy the thirst of

human beings.

Emulate the effusive water qualities to recognize the real person within yourself.


8th Exhortations: To all Huang Muís beloved Children.


Be upright and in good conduct in following the four types of virtues.

The Tao is in oneís actions and we are glad to meet at this special chance. Perform
merits and fulfill your vows to bring honour to your families.


If you give up half-way, all merits are fruitless.

If you cultivate the Way blindly, it will be a pity if you follow the evil path.

If you perform the merits half-heartedly and you succeed completely to

retreat in silence. You will be contrite.

The Great Tao models on Nature, regardless of a good heart or the purity

of a water, Filial sons and daughters should experience the Way sincerely

and with a true heart.

Work hard towards achieving the Way and do not be lost once you lose

your will-power amid your hesitations.

Cultivate the Way sincerely and your homes will be peaceful.

Cultivate the Way sincerely and there will be no more gossips at homes.

Parents-in-law are most happy about being reconciled and getting along

together well with their daughters-in-law.

Parents-in-law are most happy about Brothers, brotherís wife, Aunties

and relatives getting along together well.

In the neighbourhood areas, beauty is the act of benevolence and it

claimed to be excellent.

Relatives and good friends are invited to the Buddhaís Temple.

Brothers and Sisters cultivate Tao without a word of fear for boredom

and weariness.

Brothers and Sisters, be brave and do not fear danger in the overarching

activities of disorder and violence.

Return to your original roots to meet Huang Mu and do not fight for


Cultivate your nature and recite the Sariputra sutras to brighten up

your lives with wisdom.

As you succeed in attaining Tao, you will be rewarded a Heavenly

peerage with nine grades of lotus seat to obtain.

Your names are well remembered by people for thousands of years

with your beautiful footprints left behind.


9th Exhortations: Huang Muís letter to the Children.


Cultivate a good personality and be upright to observe the

three followings.

The lotus flower is purified and elegant and it blossom in beauty.

The lotus seat is invaluable as it is very stable, being situated in its center.

The lotus flower stands out in the muddy pond with its special fragrances.

The lotus flower is not tainted by worldly desires and it loves to emit

its brightness.

Green leaves, red flowers and white flowers bloom in spring.

At this third stage of Tao Salvation, everyone worship Gong Zang


Filial Sons and Daughters, emulate the good qualities of the lotus

flowers with its embedded virtues.

Filial Sons and Daughters, emulate the good qualities of the lotus flowers

with its embedded fragrances and purity.

Be benevolent and upright, you share the same Will as the Great Teacher.

We meet together at this White Stage of Tao Salvation, the teacher and

his disciples work hard for the last salvation.

Lao Mu wants all Sons and Daughters to put your heart at rest.

With a heart like a capering monkey and a mind of a galloping horse,

you are restless and perturbed.

Your big vows and wishes should not all be forgotten, Sons and Daughters.

Sons and Daughters, if you have the heart, Lao Mu will help you definitely.

Lao Mu wishes all my Sons and Daughters to have a healthy body and

peaceful mind.

Lao Mu wishes all my Sons and Daughters, have a bright soul and a

spirited heart.

Lao Mu warned all my Sons and Daughters, set a right direction and determination.

Lao Mu warned all my Sons and Daughters, be sagacious to have a

right frame of mind in all decision-making.

Lao Mu warned all my Sons and Daughters not to disappoint me.

Lao Mu warned all my Sons and Daughters not to sadden my heart.


10th Exhortations: Lao Muís letter to all the young Children


Cultivate Tao whole-heartedly and assiduously with a clever and

nimble heart.

Repay your ten kindness and ten good deeds with your great


Your names will be well remembered forever and you rejoiced endlessly.


Exquisite and ingenious, to all young children and the old, gazelle

situated is your holy door where your true master is located.

Deep in the mountains, in your spiritual soul, your holy door is opened.

Levels by levels, the soul mountains will witness your spiritual soul.

There is a Buddha Jigong who receives the Heavenís decree to save the world.

There is a monk who receives the Heavenís decree to save the sentient beings.

Filial Sons and Daughters, like taking a ferry, recognise your

heavy responsibilities and be loyal in upholding your duties.

Filial Sons and Daughters, forge ahead together hand in hand.

If you have a one third of sincerity in your heart, Lao Mu will aid you

with the two-third of empowerment and support.

Do not cheat and herald falsely, use your true heart to treat the Juniors.

Hope that Lao Muís young Sons and Daughters, you will grow up one

day and understand.

Do not be dependent but be independent to set great goals for yourself.

Hope that Lao Muís young Sons and Daughters, grow up and do not

be deluded.

Understand your innate and supreme wisdom, emulate the Tao path

as its middle path.

Hope that Lao Muís young Sons and Daughters grow up and you

mature steadily and outshine your characters.

Without any prejudice and bias, obey and abide the Great Tao respectfully.

Hope that Lao Muís young Sons and Daughters, grow up and you are

fearful in the Spring dreams.

Wipe your eyes and karma is empty in both of your hands.

Hope that Lao Mu, My young Sons and Daughters, grow up and

understand Lao Muís pains and sufferings.

Meet Divine Lao Mu Me again in the Eternal Heaven Kingdom with you.


10th Exhortations: Lao Muís letter to all filial Sons and Daughters


Divine Lao Mu sent her letters in blood tears

Sons, please carefully understand every single word and sentences I

have written for you.

Do not let down Lao Muís heart and disappoint me in spite of my

caring words.


1)      Continue the heritage of Tao and unify in your accomplishment. Save a humanís life and you will be rewarded with seven grades of merits.

2)      In the image of man and woman is like the Heaven as it moves and like the earth which is quiet. The day and night rotates the Great Tao motion and you should have understood the principles of Tao readily.

3)      At the third stage of the Last Salvation, the Great Teacher came to save all. Humans, ghosts and immortals are indicated to the Great Tao with its Heavenís bells ringing alarmingly in Nan Ping.

4)      The four difficulties of being born a Chinese and as a human being is now easy for you to obtain Tao. Treasure this golden opportunity. The Buddhaís door is opened widely to propagate Tao to all sentient beings.

5)      Obey the Five Buddha precepts and remembered them well in your heart. The rules and regulations of the Temple is not to be taken lightly.

6)      Follow the six paramitas and abide by the teachings honestly to understand yourself better and to see your true nature. The supreme wisdom in you is not empty yet it is claimed to be in emptiness, Sariputra.

7)      With seven types of virtues of the purities of the water elements, understand the essence of your body and use it wisely. Bai Shui Lao Ren loves and emphasizes on the benevolent qualities deeply.

8)      Follow the Eight Rightfold Paths to establish your virtues and merits. The right livelihood and right speech will be recorded by Heaven unceasingly.

9)      Nine grades of lotus seat are to select the virtuous and capable cultivators. Cultivate Tao to itís fullest potential to attain enlightenment. You will be rewarded with nine grades of lotus seat as your Heavenís peerage.

10)   With Ten perfections, you can dictate its directions and reach the summit of ultimate truth. The Tao principles revert to all morality and teach to convert to a utopia world.


Divine Lao Mu arrived in the Buddhaís Temple to deliver my

hometown letters.

In a letter of blood, the ten exhortations are instructed and hereby

warned all my Sons and Daughters.

Sons, listen to Lao Muís exhortations and remembered them well

and follow them outrightly.

Promote the teachings of Lao Muís letters, Lao Mu I will add merits,

virtues and moral values to you.

Divine Lao Mu I do not bear to see all my Sons and Daughters who

have been standing for so long in the Buddhaís Temple.

Divine Lao Mu I am returning back to Heaven. Sons and Daughters,

treasure and take care of yourself.

Sons, Alas, Sons, Alas, understand the pains and sufferings of Lao

Mu Me.

Divine Lao Mu Oh Alas, Divine Lao Mu, Oh Alas, I worry deeply in

my heart. Ha.


The time flies by in a hurry.

Alas, it is such a short reunion.

Lao Mu I called out and expressed in words.

Filial Sons and Daughters, you must treasure and take care of your body.

I do not bear to leave all of you yet Lao Mu I must leave.

Upon this departure, on what day and year shall we meet together again?

I lead all Buddhas and Disciples to leave the Buddhaís Temple.

I cry and despair, feeling absolutely dolorous. I signed despondently

and deeply. Ha. Stop. Retire.


In the Year 14 July 2003, of the Lunar Calendar 26 June 2003 at the Place of Bangkok Temple named Feng En Lou (Translated as: The Pavilion of Gratitude & Thanksgiving Offerings).


It is a One-Day Assembly Class entitled: Establishing Great Virtues.


Lao Mu (Heavenly Mother; God) transmitted her Holy Messages through the Sand-Writing Process named as: Lao Muís affirmative admonishments in accordance to our Affinity with Her Holiness.




Thousands of Divine laws of nature & Dharma discourses are generated in conformation by our human hearts.

Our Heavenly Nature is instinctively bright & clear which is attributed to the Supreme gift of our Eye called Our Door of Life & Death.

Each Divine person has a gift of God being endowed with the Decree of Heaven anointed upon the Commoners to transform their life like a Lotus.

Saintly Divine Beings dictate & arrange a secure and peaceful fate such that your destiny is in Order & in Command of Heavenís Will in order to promote the Teachings of Benevolence.


We, as fellow Zhu-Tian-Shen-Sheng, the Spirit of Godís Saints in the empyrean Heaven are protecting Lao Muís Altar. We depart from the Heaven Palace of Godís House & descend upon the Mortal Earth Holy Temple. We enter at the door-steps and kowtow in front of Huang Muís Altar for the Invitation Ritual.


All Sentient being, please remain calm. As we pray to God, revere your True self & harbour a sincere heart. Maintain in anxiety & a cautious mind to self-regulate on your conduct. We await the arrival of Huang Mu to commence the orientation of the Sand-writing process.


Ha Ha. Stop   



The descent of Tao reaches the multitudes with overweening bright light and beseeches the lost & ignorant in this Mortal Earth with earnest hope.

We entered into the Doorsteps of this Hoy Temple where Immortals, Buddhas & Deities, Bodhisattvas all gather & assemble for a session.

A Bodhi heart implants the seeds of Buddhahood attainment & is deeply inspired by your vows & oaths declared to God through your vocation of service as earlier the better in reaching its attainment.

The heart of Bodhisattvas preserved their faith in supplication with Compassion, Mercifulness & kind-heartedness so as to propagate Tao widely for all Male & Female Tao kin to board this Salvation Ferry.


We, as Millions of Immortals & Bodhisattvas, protecting the arrival of Huang Mu, we descend to the Mortal Earth & enter the doorsteps of this Holy Temple. We bow & kowtow to Huang Muís throne. Sagely ones, please stay calm. All must remain humble & sincere. We await upon the arrival of Huang Mu to this Temple.


Ha Ha Stop.  



Strong winds in the Empyrean Heaven is descended to earth from all directions.

The boundless universe meets the fate of this mortal earth at this Time of Final Judgment. Disasters & catastrophes are all descended by Heaven.

The decree is now under the hands of many Buddhas to manage the salvation & amassment of souls.

The ancient Tao now rules & governs the Earth. It is revived and becomes prevalent to all for the progressive manifestation of the Ancient Times Teaching of Etiquettes reappears on Earth.


We are the Four Great Heaven King. We lead the Command of Thunder Department, The Wind Department, The Lion of Calendar Year Department & The Dragon Scroll Department. We attend to Lao Mu and protect the arrival of Lao Mu. As we enter to the doorsteps of this Holy Temple, we hasten to bow and kowtow at the Huang Muís Altar. All of the sentient beings here, please remain solemn and quiet. You must harbour a humble & sincere heart. We await upon the arrival of Lao Mu.


Hua Hua. Stop.



The Eight Cardinal Virtues wherein Benevolence & Righteousness are taught to save the human hearts.

The Ancient Tao is revived once again in this present time to indicate the guarded secrets of Heaven to the lost & the multitudes.

Use your Heavenly nature & heart to propagate Tao on behalf of Heaven to step back on the use of your human hearts.

Use a combination of hard & soft tactics to teach the sentient beings to establish great merits & virtues.


We are the Eight Golden Body-Guards, Ba-Da-Jin-Gang, protecting the arrival of Lao Mu. We depart from our Heaven Gate and we enter to the door-steps of this Holy Temple & We see Godís Altar.


All Sentient Beings here, please maintain a calm heart. We shall not say anymore.

Hua Hua. Stop.



Tien Tao is a Saintly lamp to guide & ferry the lost ones to board this Salvation ferry.

However, how few of you indeed uphold Tao principles & its teachings in your Tao Cultivation. How few of you help to spread the Words of Tao on behalf of Heaven.

The Ancient Etiquettes are now facing decadent sentiments and are now restored to inculcate its prestige teachings.

The Works of Buddhas are now managed by Heaven-Human affairs undertaken by Tao Cultivators to build up your wealth of merits & virtues.


I am Tian Ran Ancient Buddha (Great Enlightened Teacher). I protect the Throne of Lao Mu. I descend to this mortal earth & I enter the door-steps of this Buddha Palace. I bow & kowtow to Lao Mu for my arrival rituals.


I ask all the Worthy ones here, my disciples, are all of you in pink health. It is a great pleasure to meet you here in this Summer Commemorative Event. We invite the arrival of Lao Mu.


All of you, my disciples, please maintain your sincerity as we send our greetings to Lao Mu.


Ha Ha. Stop.



The Crescent Moon is curved. When can we meet again and be in reunion in Heaven?

Your life being endowed with high wisdom holds a heavenly decree to continue this Tao lineage in order to disseminate wealth & beneficence through Heavenís blessings in continuity.

Your Bodhi heart to become a life-time vegetarian has since been established and uprooted.

All Sentient beings who attained the post of Bodhisattvas will ascend to Heaven to enjoy eternal bliss of 10,800 years of happiness and escape from the earthly world life sufferings.


I am Yue Hui Bodhisattva (Shi Mu; Female Enlightened Teacher). I protect the Holy Sacred Temple of Lao Mu. I descend upon this Buddha Temple. As I entered the doorsteps, I bow and kowtow to pay my respect to Lao Mu. I had finished paying my arrival rituals. I await upon the arrival of Huang Mu, God.


May I ask once again if all my disciples are at ease and peace? Are all the Tao affairs flourishing and progressing? All my disciples, please remain quiet and wait upon the arrival of Huang Mu, God. I shall not speak anymore.


Ha Ha. Stop.



Notwithstanding the North Mountain in Heaven can be shifted and altered but you must constantly delicate yourself to Tao ambition with unshakable will and an unchanging mind and attitude.

The Western Paradise of a Pureland in Heaven must first be established as if it is on earth.

Demeanour of a Transcendent being like that of an Immortal conduct and their attributes with the countenance of Tao is first cultivated through the Practice of Virtues and merits so as to set an exemplary examples for others to follow.

I, the Elderly Immortal, take along and ferry all the young and old to ascend to the realm of Heaven called Wu Ji.


I am Nan Ji Xian Weng, Immortal Longevity. I lead the Upper, Middle, and the Lower levels of Eight Immortals domain. I protect the Lao Muís altar and I entered into the Realm of Earth. I quickly bow and kowtow to Lao Mu for my arrival rituals.


I reinforce and asked if all the Babies here are all safe and sound & in good health.


We are glad to meet at this Summer Season Commemorative Event and all of us here come to this Holy Temple to have a reunion for this Special Occasion. Please wait patiently for Lao Mu to arrive in this Holy Temple.


Heng heng. (Hem and Haw) Stop.



I come from the South Heaven to descend upon the North Earth and I save all sentient beings with Dharma Potion in this Tien-Tao ferry.

The World is indeed blanketing life on earth with enormous sufferings. Hence, Tao Cultivators make vows to repent and turn over a new leaf.

The Ancient people become present-day humans through the cycles of reincarnation.

Emulate the Compassion of Buddhas to promote the Teachings of Benevolence and to tread along its Middle Path.


I am Nan Hai Gu Fo, Goddess of Mercy. I protect the Lao Muís altar and I depart from the Mountain of Nan Hai in Heaven. I came to this country in the Mortal Earth and I entered into this Holy Temple. I pay my arrival rites to Lao Mu and I ask all the Sagely ones here, are you at ease?


Sagely ones, please remain quiet and calm.


We shall await upon the arrival of Lao Mu.


Ha Ha. Stop.



The Salvation of the Three domains of Earth, Celestial and Hell Realm is being managed by the Heaven and Human affairs in this Holy Temple.

When you have finished your duties of the amassment of souls of the 96 billions, you will return to the imperial palace of Heavenís realm.

It is the great fortune of all sentient beings to meet with such an exceptional opportunity to receive Heavenís blessings, mercy and protection.

Do not treat it lightly for you are endowed with such an affinity.

Your True self should not deviate but concentrate and focus well.

Represent Heaven to spread Words of Tao in order to obtain distinctive rewards and merits.

Tests and Trials are set to recover your faith like the Strong North and South Directions.

Your Buddha nature is originally flawless, perfect and natural which will illuminates bright light of Wisdom.


I am The Lawyer of the Three Worlds, Mao Tian, your Senior Brother. I protect the arrival of Lao Mu and I descend from my Heavenly realm to reach the Mortal Earth. As I entered at the doorsteps of this Holy Temple, I pay my arrival ritual in front of Huang Muís Altar.


May I ask if all my Sisters and Brothers here, are you at peace and ease?

Remain calm and tranquil. We await the arrival of Lao Mu.

Hua Hua. Stop.



I wonder about and renounced the World to follow the Way. As I drifted all around the Countries, I bring forth their knowledge about the descent of Tao for their ferry-crossing.

I benefit all mankind through my good deeds and to save peopleís lives as I uphold Tao principles in my way of life.

I am a girl of Godís daughter who is both spotlessly pure and quiet just like I descended to earth with such an attribute.

My True nature is spotless and not soiled by a speck of dust. I remain uncontaminated amidst the temptations of the World and my Sweat-smelling and fragrant Lotus-Seat fills the air.


I am Yun-You Gu Niang, the Roaming Girl from Heaven, called Jiao Hwa Senior Sister. I guard the protection of Lao Mu esteemed arrival and presence and I descended upon this Mortal Earth. As I entered the Door-steps of this Holy Temple, I pay my arrival rites in front of Huang Mu prestige High Altar.


Brothers and Sisters, please remain calm and quiet.

I await the Orders and bide my time as I stand by for the arrival of God.


Ha Ha. Stop.



My Wish is very important indeed for the Elders; Old folks to be peaceful and at ease, and for the Young to cherish sincere hopes and to harbour lofty ambition.

The Practice of Loyalty and Consideration for others in Tao Principles makes one frighten and watchful solely by oneself in solitude.

Yao and Shun, the Legendary Sage Kings in Ancient China are taught again to revive and reform the Ancient Teachings of governing a Country.

Take measures for thorough-going reform such that you can devote oneís time and effort to Tao practice.


I am the Late Predecessor Bai Shui Lao Ren, called Yu-Lin Master. I bow my Thanks and protect the arrival of Saints to this Holy Temple. I accompany all of them to descend to this Mortal Earth. As I entered at the Door-steps, I salute a bow and paid My respects to Huang Mu.


All of you, please remain absolutely sincere. We await the Arrival of Huang Mu.


Ha Ha. Stop.



In tranquil and quietude stays the spiritual soul at the Door of our True self.

As I may be free and at leisure, I came to enlighten Sentient beings with the Tao Propagation duties.

Immortals and human beings thoughts are to examine and search oneís conscience that I believe I have never let down the Order of Heaven.

The elixir of life which is to live forever is to kowtow to Lao Mu for Her Mercy, protection and grace in this Holy Temple.


I am Qing Xian Xian zhang, Immortal Carefree Senior Master. I protect the arrival of Lao Mu and I descended in the Middle of this Temple. As I arrived at the Door-steps, I make a deep bow and kowtow at the Lao Muís Altar.


All Virtuous ones, please remain quiet and I await for Lao Mu; God to arrive.


Ha Ha. Stop.



I, Bodhisattva Wen Ci affirm my faith in Tao and earnestly preach and propagate Tao widely.

I never utter a Word of Complaint or resentments as I exert myself to the utmost in the performance of my duties towards Tao.

It is never easy to attain the Bodhisattva Post through Tao cultivation.

It needs you to train yourself in the performance of Taoís duties and in the Cultivation of oneís virtues. In this way after you have been tempered through difficulties and put your Will power through tests and tribulations, you can become proficient and Tao practices become your forte.


I am Wen Ci Bodhisattva. I accompany Bodhisattva Ling Hwa and Bodhisattva Hui Ci to protect the Arrival of Lao Mu. We descended to this Holy Temple and we bow and kowtow at Lao Muís Altar. Upon the completion our arrival rites, we take a close look at all the Junior Tao akin. Have all of you progress further than before?


Lao Mu; God is arriving soon. I shall not say anymore. All Junior Tao kin, please maintain a quiet heart and await for the arrival of Lao Mu.


Ha Ha. Stop.



The Golden Rooster crows three times to Sing aloud about the arrival of this White Stage Tao Salvation.

I am impartial and without any selfish desires to transform the ignorant, foolish and stupid to become Virtuous and Worthies.

I am the Grandmaster who undertakes to continue the lineage of Yi Guan Tao in my pulse to link up the Final Amassment.

The Grandmaster and the Great Teachers hand down the Teachings of Tao to you so that you may understand your True Soul is in Tao.


I am Ru-Tong and Jin-Gong; Confucius-Child and Maitreya Buddha. We guard the protection of Lao Muís arrival and descended in the Middle of this Temple. As we entered at the door-steps, we bow and kowtow at Huang Muís Altar.


All of you here, please remain tranquil and calm. We shall await the arrival of Lao Mu.

Ha Ha. Stop.



I am Yun-Junior Angel who pulls up weeds to see the day manifest a streak of light in the darkness as a bright and promising day.

I am the Beloved Bao-Junior Baby Angel, standing just next to you to indicate Tao to those with affinity through my cordial and kind guidance.

We are the Two Junior Angels who take a second look to self-reflect and at the same time to introspect upon our innate nature.

We are the Maiden Children who preserve our Child-like nature which never dies out and vanish. As an everlasting angel, we cheer and celebrate at this day with boundless joy.


We are Yun-Junior Angel and Bao-Junior Angel. We await upon Lao Muís arrival and descend upon this Holy Temple. We bow and kowtow at the invitation ritual in front Lao Muís Altar.


We reinforce and asked again if everybody here knows about good feelings and emotions in our friendships.


Divine Lao Mu has finally arrived. Both of us, Junior Angels will not comment anymore.


Xi Xi. Stop.



Today, we meet with deep affection again at this place called Wu Ji Gong Pin of this Buddha Temple.

I meet all of you by this chance with mixed feelings of grief and joy in my mind and heart after a long separation.

Yao Ci, the Realm of Heaven is now slightly cold, gelid, dreary and I am plaintive for I did not receive any news from my Children.

I trust you have been well since we parted and now, it is the arrival of this White Stage Tao Salvation.

I sent many Letters from Home in an expectation to receive your call and response of those who listened to my Words solicitously.

Though my letters had been sent, how many of you are in fact awakened from your dazed dreams of this earth.

I exhort earnestly to awaken your heart, My Sons and Daughters to understand the series of pains and sufferings I am through.

I could not withhold my sorrows anymore and tears keep dripping continuously as if my eyes become heavy with sleep and drowsy.


I am Wu-Sheng Lao-Mu, the Infinite Divine Mother; God. I descended upon this Holy Temple to meet my Children. In my heart, I am feeling very sorrowful and pains. I feel itís hard for me to say anymore.


The three oracles, please remain quiet and be reticent. I will continue to speak to all of you. Ke Ke.



I hold the Golden Pen to vouchsafe to you My Letters from Home on the sand-writing pivotal writings. I came to meet My Sons and My Daughters of God as my deep reminiscences burst forth into sorrows and pains engraved in my heart and mind.

The passing of years slips by with arduous pains over a period of more than 60,000 years since you first descended to earth. How many Summers and Winters had passed through these scores of years!

Through the affinities gathered, we assemble at this White Stage of Tao Salvation to meet again for a reunion with Divine Lao Mu and the Children.

It is in this meeting that I see you again with deep affection and is claimed to be even more superior than tens of thousands of Words I have to say to you.

My heart is full of sorrows and pains as I urgently and solemnly proclaimed with earnestness that now it is the Final Stage of Tao Salvation wherein Heaven descended natural disasters and man-made calamities to mankind on earth.

It is Heavenís Will that the Earth fate takes a turn for the worse and the situations deteriorated. How pitiful it is to suffer from these ill-fated events.

Divine Lao Mu, I am impatient and am in a haste as I cannot bear to see the Jade and Stone; Good and Bad all completely perish together.

Divine Lao Mu, I descended the Heavenly Tien Tao to save all of my Royal Children.

At this Temple, all the Three Domains of celestial, earth and hell realm meet together and

realize the importance of returning to your Roots and to divert to Tao as the original source of Truth to establish your innate Buddha nature.

My Son, Buddha Tian Ran and My Daughter, Bodhisattva Yue Hui both manage and help in the Tao Salvation and in the amassment of Souls.

It is Divine Lao Mu, I who dictate the Heavenís Decree to indicate Tao to the three domains of Celestial, Earth and Hell Realm and to allow the manifestation of Buddhas and Immortals to perform in this Holy Temple.

I, Divine Lao Mu, borrow the Three Oracleís body to speak through this medium so as to encourage, advise and awaken the lost and ignorant Children.

I, Divine Lao Mu, has no other choice but manifested through the Three Oracle to awaken those with affinity to Tien Tao.

I, Divine Lao Mu uses images and appearances through the Oracle to help guide and ferry all of you to this Holy Temple and to wake you up.

More significantly, such a Heaven and Human affairs have never ever happened before in any place in the World.

Sons and daughters, think carefully and understand clearly what is the reason behind all these.

In this White Stage, trials and tribulations befall upon you and on what aspect of your understandings, can you truly experience and realize it.

I use humans and affairs to train up your virtues and merits and to strengthen your Tao faith. I sincerely hope that you can grasp all these purposes behind.



As you receive the immerse grace of Heaven, you make restitution by harbouring a Grateful heart and do not remain wayward against Heavenís Will but fully repent and renounce of your sins and misdeeds of previous conviction.

Your merits can offset the sins and transgressions and Divine Lao Mu, I cannot bear to see you sufferings. Likewise, eludes your chains of problems through the induction of My Mercifulness and Command.

My Gracious Royal Children grow in virtue through trainings and cultivation in any big and small life-changing events.

Do not be lost and deluded nor be perplexed but inspired to be transformed and guided by help of grace from Buddhas and Immortals.

In like manner, there are all kinds of trials and tribulations laying ahead and Divine Lao Mu, I hope you would pass through all your obstacles and difficulties.

In my heart warming truth, do not retreat and do not be despondent but be strengthened by your determination and perseverance.

By your deeper conversion, pass through all obstacles in your Sainthood path at this Last Stage of Tao Salvation and do not hope for any mere chance of sheer luck.

You ought to be very careful and serious to use your wisdom and to circumspect.

Do not be impetuous and hence be misled for you may lose your Great Mission for no good reason.

Respect the Will of Heaven and follow the decree and you will be graciously guided.

If you defy the order of Heaven and are succumbed and enticed by your insincerity and temptations, Divine Lao Mu, I have no way out of saving you.

Divine Lao Mu, I hope and expect all my Sons and Daughters would do your utmost and be dedicated by deeper conversion to help manage the tasks of this Final Salvation.


Ha Ha.



Divine Lao Mu, I have manifested my primacy in spirits through Fu-Luan and from the midst thereof, everything in the future will be fated.

It is the Will of Heaven that in these ten years, you will be thoroughly prepared for missionary preaching and ascertained a justified dramatic consistency in your Tao faith.

In Taiwan and in overseas, all the Tao affairs are in manifold perfections and it functions prosperously.

To those who spread Tao overseas, there must be a determination to accomplish your task from the start to the end.

It is a natural phenomenon that when Tao is flourishing, the Country will naturally be in harmony and prosperity.

Sons and Daughters should follow this Path together with a concerted effort to save, assist and rectify this drowning Earth as a bidding of God.

Be united as Senior Masters and Junior followers in back and forth as this is the best chance of helping ourselves as Male and Female Tao kin alike to thrive and prosper to alter to a good fate.

Raise your heart to make great vows and in readiness, give your full support to Tao and you will be triumphant by the gracious help of Immortals and Buddhas.

Due to affinities, Buddhas and Immortals will definitely manifest their presence in those Buddhas countries.

From today onwards, be in benediction to unite in your goals and succeed to reap your harvest with triumphant joy.


If you have made vows to spread Tao in overseas and had failed to accomplish it, then how can you report your Mission to Heaven?

It is an upset event if you fail and your tasks become unsuccessful.

Use your Virtues and Meritorious deeds for the General Public to look up to you and to obey and submit at your command. In this way, naturally, you will be imbued with the Countenance of Tao.

Respect the Order of Heaven and abide by following the Heavenís Truth.

Make an appropriate move to either advance or retreat as you meet with any affliction in life.

Sons and Daughters, use your painstaking efforts and mind to make tremendous improvements in your duties to overcome trials and tribulations.

Cultivation and Propagation of Tao can help to subdue your unsettling mind and to constantly bear in mind to devote yourself whole-heartedly to Tao so as to restrain oneself from any undesirable actions.


Ha Ha.



To all Tao Transmitting Masters; Baptist, Divine Lao Mu, I earnestly exhort you to assert oneís determination and oneís sincerity with fidelity.

Learn to act according to any situations in order to enlighten more Junior Tao kin through your painstaking efforts.

In your own country or in overseas, thoroughly undertake to take care of the Tao situation as a whole in mind and do not be reckless.

To those who plough and weed to cultivate Tao from the start to the end, you will see your results and rewards which you reap and sow in your everyday changing lives.

Do not rigidly adhere to formalities and become stubbornly attached and persist in clinging to your own thinking.

Be lively and vivacious to emulate the examples of Buddhas and Immortals of a heart full of compassion for the sufferings on earth.

Assist the Junior Tao kin to cultivate themselves and in preaching for this missionary duties, just like you will discern the light of Tao attainment in you. Do not waste your life on earth but exert your utmost. Be busy running about for your painstaking efforts in all Tao affairs.

Be endowed with virtues and be equipped with ability and competence to receive subordination from the General Public. In your sincere and true heart, you will definitely receive efficacious response from Heaven.

Establish the examples of Senior Masters and your Predecessors. It is a good model for you to learn as the Sentient beings look forward eagerly to learning this good conduct.

Thoroughly understand Divine Lao Mu, My intentions and the Immortalsí Admonishments so as to overcome oneís shortcomings and to readily submit your responsibilities.

Divine Lao Mu, I am not reprimanding the Junior Tao kin but exhort you to emulate the good conduct and in maintaining a proper Tao countenance as your daily devotion duties.

Once the Tao affairs are up and thriving, Divine Lao Mu, I will use my wisdom eye to turn round all adversities as I serve as a link between the past and to help usher in the future.

Baptistsí duties and burden are heavy just like the deep Mountains. Remember to shoulder them and exercise strict self-discipline to engage in self-examination and your soul-searching.

Ferry the Junior Tao kin to eagerly look forward to advancing and always remain cordial and kind to show loving care and kind guidance to them.

Establish your virtues and merits with a Tao countenance till your old age whereby you would have planted a good harvest of Lotus-Seat of a Heavenly peerage.



My Daughter, Xi Qin, shouldered the heavy responsibilities and duties of Tao as the road is long and burden.

Do not be cowardly and nervous but hasten and hurry along the front-line duties so as to lead and usher the General Public.

A Bodhisattva Vow is a big attainment which you will be bestowed a Heavenly Peerage by Lao Mu, Me.

Divine Lao Mu, I laid down the decree for you to return to Li-Tien, Heaven and hope for an early reunion with you.

As you are busy running about for the Propagation of Tao, you can be admired and respected by many when you expound Tao doctrines to them.

Thence, you can establish oneís behaviour and conduct and you refrain from going extremes as you mould your character.

Immortals and Buddhas will protect you everywhere you go. They will also bless you to have a healthy body and on your part, you continue to manage the tasks of Tao.

As you show your Tao countenance and your Tao spirit, you are indeed exceptional and extraordinary as you have a ruddy complexion, being healthy in old age, hale and hearty.


Ha Ha. Stop.




I, Divine Lao Mu, exhort all my Sons and Daughters who are committed as Tao Lecturers to fulfill your vows.

Yearn in your goals and directions. Hasten forward to run for a great success.

At this moment, shoulder your responsibilities as a Youth. You are still regarded with respect. Hence, it is fitting that we should hold the young in awe who speak excellently in class.

You teach and talk about virtues and Tao, always spread the words of Benevolence and Righteousness to enlighten the lost and deluded.

As a Tao Lecturer, do not be proud and haughty. Have an open-mind and be extremely modest just like a mind as open as a Valley.

As a person of high morals, you speak of the Eternal Truth and always be sanctimonious to emulate the past Saints and Sages conduct and manner. As you exert an edifying influence, remember to nurture the sentient beings with wisdom.

Practice right speech and right action and do not talk about gossips and rumors.

Use your Wisdom to discern the light and darkness and to cultivate the young successor as a great potential who can fulfill and attain the Heavenís Way, Tao.

Respect the Senior Tao kin just as you are determined in your devotion. In this way, the whole course of Tao events from beginning to end will not be confused.

As you practice a right mind, you can command the respect of sentient beings to submit to the Orders of the Temple. In it, you have set an exemplary conduct in virtues and moral excellence.


Ha Ha. Stop.



I, Divine Lao Mu, call out and arouse the attention of Tao Temple Owners to steer this Ferry braving the wind and the strong waves as you ride and cleave it.

You must have a strong determination and do not topple by tests and trials but sincerely devote yourself to spreading Words of Tao.

It is important to indicate Tao to all sentient beings so as to save their spiritual soul without any fuss about trifles matters.

Harbour a compassionate heart liken to the Dharma Discourses to observe the Truth of Eternity in your mind constantly.

Observe the Rules and Regulations of the Temple and abide by its Teachings lest you may feel ashamed of oneís failure to co-ordinate in a proper manner.

Stay in an upright and proper manner to establish oneself and to establish others.

Model the paragon of Saints and Sages with etiquettes as you readily pattern the motion of Tao in your daily livings.

All of you, as Temple Owners, have gathered in this Grand Temple in an orderly manner to work hand-in-hand for the Last Stage of Tao Salvation and to excel in managing all Tao affairs till you retreat into silence upon your death.

Return to Li-Tien, Heaven, to meet me, Divine Lao Mu, as I will bestow a Heavenly peerage to you with a Good-Harvest of Lotus-Seat.


Ha Ha. Stop.



I, Divine Lao Mu, call out and arouse the attention of Tao Service Volunteers, all my Sons and Daughters, listen carefully and attentively to thoroughly understand.

As you come to help in the affairs of Tao, do not treat it lightly as your tasks and responsibilities are indeed exceptional.

In an orderly manner, gather your family members to cultivate Tao and to introduce Tao to all your friends and relatives. As you help to spread Words of Tao, you help to fulfill your vows made to God.

As you build up your merits and virtues, do not be slow-moving and at the same time, do not procrastinate in your Tao duties.

Your physical body will not last long in this mortal earth as it will eventually return to dust.

As you maintain a kind thought and bring your true heart to the central of your consciousness, always remember about your benefactors and where all your happiness comes from.

In your daily livings, harbour a Tao spirit such that it will be exhibited in your courses of actions.

Ask yourself truly, have you felt ashamed and not at ease of oneís inferiority.

Sons and Daughters, observe carefully and investigate thoroughly that now, the Heavenly Time is critical and impending.

Clearly distinguish the important tasks as your first priority to quickly cultivate Tao and manage the Tao affairs so as to save the human souls and lives.

Your heart must be purified and awakened, do not be perplexed and at a loss and hence beome befuddled.

From now on, we do not investigate what have we done wrong in the past but to firmly move on in our directions.

Divine Lao Mu, I definitely will protect and bless all of you so that you can safely and peacefully cultivate and propagate Tao in this Temple.

Quickly examine and check that oneís speech and conduct is discreet and proper. Do not follow the wrong and misguided way lest you may become wayward and discriminatory in your thoughts and ideas.


Ha Ha. Stop.



Saints and Immortals kneel and kowtow in front of Divine Lao Mu, Me for the approval of their manifestations in this Temple.

They truly and sincerely help and transform the affairs of Tao so as to enlighten, arouse and inspire the benighted through this Spiritual medium of the Three Oracles.

Treasure this precious opportunity and constantly protect the security of this Temple lest you may joke at it as if itís a Childís play.

This is definitely not a Childís play but undoubtedly, a Saintly affair to be treated with esteem as Heaven unveils its True Revelations.

As the Three Oracles, it is indeed a precious and important role. You may esteem at oneís inadequate in competence and yet do not become indiscriminate to abuse oneís power and authority.

As a Baptist, it is Divine Lao Mu, who dictates the decree to truly select these elites as Godís Will.

I, Divine Lao Mu, hopes that from today onwards, you will treasure this golden opportunity and to genuinely take care of one another.

How few of you are indeed strong in your faith and how few of you indeed stay long in this Temple with an unchanging aspiration to really take charge of the Tao affairs?

As a Three Oracle Female Representative, Immortals and Buddhas used the Sand-Writings as pivotal writings to manifest their primacy through this medium.

It is indeed exceptional and extraordinary, completely in order and not acted in defiance of any Nature Laws where all sentient beings adhered to this choice of medium.

It is already now the Final Stage of Tao Salvation and time is critical. Be united to cultivate and preach Tao together with an utmost heart.

I, Divine Lao Mu, passes down my Decree to the Three Oracles for them to shoulder this great task and mission.


Ha Ha. Stop.



I, Divine Lao Mu, has finished my admonishments and I shall not say anymore. Sons and Daughters, please truly understand my heartfelt thoughts and sorrows.

I, Divine Lao Mu, examines the time and situations now are utterly different from the past so, do not suspect anymore.

All My Sons and Daughters, self-reflect upon your past actions to examine your sins and offences.

Constantly bear in mind to examine oneís understandings to see if you are uncertain about Tao and have doubts about your duties. Remove all your misgivings to raise your Bodhi Heart again.

Divine Lao Mu, I will not continue to admonish anymore.

I lead all Immortals and Buddhas to return back to Wu-Ji, Heavenís Realm.


Ha Ha. Retire.