Ten Thousand Generations
Master JiGong said,
"Contending for a name
And striving for a heroic look
But what one will become in the end?
A lonely soul and a wild ghost
SoÖ..what must we do?
We must seek truthful living
Actual experience and honest practice
Only this is real
Donít seek fame and donít seek gain
If you must seek fame
You should seek a fame that lasts ten thousand generations
( that is ever-lasting )
If you must seek gain
You should calculate the gain of the underheaven
( what benefits the world )
Once becoming famous
One will be bounded by a NAME
For this name
One must even walk in squares (restraint)
Fearing that the personal image may be destroyed
Hence people are often
Stranded by fame and harmed by fame
If you wish to learn TAO
You must first overcome this point
Then only can you correspond to the hub (axis)
Of the universe (the will of Heaven)"
When I was young
I had a famous and beautiful girlfriend
She was bounded by fame
Having her was like what the Chinese said
Not able to face the light because it may expose her secret
And her popularity may drop
There was great restraint in our movements
I could understand very well what fame could do
It would be difficult to practise at that time
Because I was also implicated in the web of fame
Fame does not actually bring real happiness
But sadness when it is gone.
What has happened now to the fame?
It is just emptiness and disappointment
If ever you must seek fame
Look for one
That lasts ten thousand generations.