The Right Portal is also
known as The Divine
Eye or The Third Eye
or The Dot.
It is the First of the 
Three Heavenly 
The Buddha in charge
is Maitreya Buddha.
It starts from 1,883 AD
to 12,683 AD  a total
of 10,800 years.
Please refer to The 
Three Heavenly 
Treasures for more
The White Lotus also
explains the White
Period and The White 
Sun. It also indicates
the white lotus roots
living among the muddy
water but is white in 
color meaning we need
not have to renounce
in order to cultivate.  
The Red Candle Light  
also represents the  
Red Lotus Flower and   
The Red Period  
where Sakyamuni  
Buddha was in charge  
from 1,190 BC to  
1,924 AD for a period  
of about 3,114 years.  
During this time  
cultivators have to   
renounce and become  
monks or nuns. It also  
explained that the red  
lotus had to come out  
from the muddy water,  
that is this suffering  
The temples were red  
in color and marriages  
and celebrations were  
all in red. The royal  
clothings of the   
emperors were red in  
The Green Period is 
indicated by the Green  
Lotus Leaf where it   
has to come out from  
the muddy water, that  
is this suffering world.  
During this period the  
Buddha in charge was  
Dipankara Buddha  
and the period was   
from 3,100 BC to  
1,214 BC. The Green  
Leaf also showed that  
the emperors at that  
time were righteous  
emperors and they   
wore Green Royal  
Clothes. The dragon   
was also drawn green  
in color. During that   
time the celebrations   
and marriages were  
in green and the   
temples were also   
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