The Lion Prince

Lion is the king of the animals’ world
No other animals dare to harm or bully them
Because they are the bravest and strongest
When timid animals hear a little sound
They jump with fear and run for their life
When an animal meets a stronger animal
It may also have to run for its life
Animals chasing animals either for food or to fight
The colour of lion is brown
But when a white lion cub is born
A lion prince is born
Later it will become the lion queen if it is female
And a lion king if it is a male in the eyes of human
When a human is born a prince
He is actually higher in status than the prime minister
In the eyes of ancient China
Although he may be young but his hierarchy of life is below the emperor
And he will be the heir to the throne and emperor one day
Likewise the son of the tycoon will inherit his father’s fortune
Of all the princes, the prince of England, Prince William
In the eyes of human he is considered the highest prince of all princes
Handsome and majestically cut to fit the throne of England
A human can be born so poor, handicapped, blind……etc so unfortunate
A human can be born as a prince of all princes
In the eyes of human, where is fairness
A human can be born as a child of a great tycoon of all tycoons
In the eyes of human where is fairness
But in the eyes of Heaven, there is fairness, only human not fair
Life cannot be compared
There are mountains higher than mountains
There are Heavens above Heavens
There are humans above humans
There are saints above saints
The white lion cub is above all the lion cubs
Even in animals of the same species there is a difference
In human it is obvious that there are thousands of differences
But one thing is the same for all human
The divine nature
The divine soul
Develop this nature
You can be the prince of all princes
You can be the king of all kings
Miao Shan, the Princess became Goddess of Mercy
Siddharta, the Prince became Sakyamuni Buddha