The Monkey God

After the miracle of the leaves in 1993 and before I received the Tao in 1995
I was very involved in Taoism and Buddhism for two years
From Monday to Friday, I would be at a Buddhist temple meditating
On Saturday and Sunday I would be in my hometown, Teluk Intan
Helping my medium friend in my village temple where I grew up
The deity in my village temple is ‘Tian Su Ya’
A great deity sitting on a tiger and holding a sword with a black face
My friend was a medium for ‘Huat Choo Kong’, who was also holding a sword
As a young boy, I played with other boys around the compound of the temple
As my father was the village head, everybody there respected my family until now
Because my father was the only one who knew English and the rest were hard labourers
During that time many ships carrying rice from Thailand would berth at the wharf
The wharf was near the village and my father would keep the records of accounts
‘Tian Su Ya’ is a very respected deity who would slay demons and evil spirits
During my younger days, I witnessed how ‘Tian Su Ya’ helped people
His tiger would come first and drink water from a bowl of water placed on the table
Using his mouth, the medium would drink the water from the bowl
Then only, ‘Tian Su Ya’ would come and heal those with spiritual problems
When the medium for ‘Tian Su Ya’ passed away, the trance in the temple stopped
Then in 1993, a lady from my village who was very good at interpreting ‘Chiam’
Came to see me while I was back home, to help her friend, a medium
For ‘Huat Choo Kong’ to use our village temple as a place for his activities
I assisted in the arrangement and ‘Huat Choo Kong’ was there to help people
With this, I never failed to go back home every weekend to be at the temple
Every Sunday I would fetch them going round to see ‘Feng Shui’ at houses and shops
Then on ‘The Nine Emperors God’ festival we would go to the temple near the river
On the eve of the first day of the festival at mid-night, all the deities in Teluk Intan
Would gather at a certain place facing ‘Perak’ river, kneeling down
To receive and welcome the arrival of ‘The Nine Emperors Gods’
The medium for Goddess of Mercy, usually a lady would stand instead of kneeling down
There were thousands of devotees holding joss sticks waiting with the deities
As all the deities had to kneel down, I could see the ‘Nine Emperors God’
Are higher in status than all the deities in the spiritual world of deities
I would stand at the back of my medium friend for ‘Huat Choo Kong’
At the strike of arrival, at least 100 mediums in trance would jump up
Those standing at the back of the mediums would have to hold them
Then the procession would take place and lead ‘The Nine Emperors God’ to the temple
In 1995, just after receiving Tao, my sister took me to a Monkey God temple
To consult whether I could succeed in my business
Monkey God is popular for his 72 manifestations
After giving me some advices and out of the blues, he said
Monkey God has 72 manifestations, but Earthling, you have 73 manifestations
Making everybody laughed but immediately I realized, I had received the TAO
The 73rd manifestation, the dot, the Divine Eye.