A Tao devotee who frequent oversea to do business

Was in a foreign country meeting his client

On the way to his client’s place, he went through

Many oil refineries and it was quite a distance before

He reached the destination in his rented car

The roads, junctions and surroundings look similar

There was no unique building where he could make landmark

After the meeting, quite late in the afternoon, he started back

Round and round he couldn’t find the way out

He was lost like in a maze and came to a junction

Looking at the fuel meter, it was running low

Traffic was scare and the sun was going down

Fearing that he might be stuck in that place without fuel

He did not know which way to turn and pause at the junction

Suddenly he remembered The Heavenly Three Treasures

Silently he called upon God using The Heavenly Three Treasures

To help him get out of the puzzle maze surrounded by refineries

Out of nowhere an eagle flew right in front of his car

Immediately he followed the eagle in its direction closely

After a few turns he came to a place where he recognized

That was the main turning point where he came in from the main road

What a relief, he tried to take another good look at the eagle

Within a flick of a second, the eagle was out of his sight

He knew that was God sent, to show him the way out

He reached his hotel with little fuel left

With deep respect, he thanked God for answering his call

Tao devotee was told that The Heavenly Three Treasures

Was like a SOS calling for help during distress or emergency

Between life and death or in this particular case in a foreign country

This real story is only one of the thousands that devotees had used

To get them out of sticky situations or danger

The essence of Tao is not in words or books

It is actually realized in practice or when in this particular situation

That a devotee upon applying what he learned can feel it

There is something that it is beyond words

It is beyond religion