A Tao preacher during one of his Holy talks

Confessed that before he received Tao

His girl friend always asked him to receive Tao

He rejected and in fact hated when his girl friend spent

A lot of time in the Tao temple

He did not understand why she must spent so much time

Doing Holy work and he had a misunderstanding with her

And sometimes quarrel over her going to Tao temple

Both were working in Singapore and he was a welder

One day while he was working at the 18th Floor of a new building

He slipped and fell, and while falling he thought he was going to die

Then he saw Heavenly Teacher of Tao, JiGong flew towards him

Used his two arms and carry him while he was all the way down

Upon impact on the ground he did feel any pain

Miraculously not a single bone was broken

He was not injured at all and could stand up immediately

He knew it was JiGong who saved him

Nobody would survive such a fall and live to tell

With great gratefulness he thanked God and JiGong

He immediately agreed to receive Tao

And understood why his girlfriend spent so much time

In Tao temple to contribute to Holy works

He picked up the teachings, got married and became a preacher

A very devoted preacher and his testimony always made an impact

On new devotees because he spoke from his heart

Anyone who had gone through such an incident

Regardless of any religion will always remember

Throughout his life and grateful to the one who saved his life

This is an example of Tao where words cannot explain

Because Tao has no color, smell, taste or can be seen or touched

A Tao cultivator knows what he is cultivating and propagating

Cultivation of the heart and inner soul

So as to restore the true self

Which is Heavenly and pure