God descended ten Buddhas to govern this Cycle of Heaven and Earth. 

Nine Buddhas had already passed, leaving the tenth Buddha, Mi-Le Buddha,

to amass souls in Long-hua Assemblies.  Making Tien-Tao accessible to

everyone is a Divine Mission ordained by God and derived from the great

merciful vows of Mi-Le Buddha.


God created Heaven and Earth, and presides over the cosmos.  Hence, God

descends Buddhas and Saints to rule the world and to amass souls.  In this Last

Catastrophe of the Third Period, the human morality is so deteriorated that the

magnitude of catastrophes and destructions will be greater than ever before. 

In order to bring salvation to mankind, God has set this time to be the last

opportunity to receive Tien-Tao, which would not happen again for another

one hundred twenty nine thousand and six hundred years.  This is “the Last Chance”.


Mi-Le Buddha has been practicing “Three Mei of Mercifulness” since he first took

his vows.  After many Cycles of Heaven and Earth, the seed he sowed sprouted and

the fruit ripened in this Cycle.  His mercifulness enlightens the Three Domains and

shapes the Pure Land in Wei Phase.  He also helps the predestined to transcend the

cycle of birth, death, and rebirth and become enlightened.  The amassment of souls

is all because of the great merciful vows of Mi-Le Buddha.


“The Last Chance” is the last opportunity bestowed by God.  If one misses this

opportunity, one has to wait until the next amassment of souls in the next Cycle

of Heaven and Earth.  After such a long period, who can guarantee one will still

have a human body and encounter Tien-Tao at that time?  Therefore,

“The Last Chance” is of ultimate importance.