THE RAPE   (Dated 7/10/2007)


This morning at around 6.30 am I went for my regular exercise

At the 100 acre lake garden nearby my house

As it was early and quite dark, the walking path looked spooky

Especially at a stretch where there were a lot of trees

After walking a few rounds around the lake

I saw a small gathering of people and some policemen

At that stretch which I always felt dangerous for female walkers

When I reached that place I stopped to ask

Then I realized that a young lady was raped

As I was familiar with the walkers and joggers there

I just wondered who was the unfortunate victim and I went nearer

I saw her face with bruises and other injuries on her body

Lying down on a secluded spot blocked from the view by a shade

I could not recognize that beautiful unfortunate lady and was a stranger to me

The police were waiting for the ambulance to arrive

Before I left the ambulance came and sent her to the hospital

I overheard that she was raped last night elsewhere

And her body dumped there by the rapists

Not long ago, a woman friend of mine was a regular jogger

She would start her exercise before 6.30am everyday

And I have warned her about that spot that she had to be very vigilant

I even bought a special alarm for her in case she encountered any danger

The world is a very dangerous world nowadays

We seldom heard about rape 30 years ago

People going about easily and freely without fear

Women are just more unfortunate than men

They have to be extra careful in many aspects especially rape

It is just bothering to see in papers almost daily

About rape and some even got murdered after been raped

Normal people would not rape anyone

No matter how beautiful or attractive the woman is

Although the punishment is harsh for such offence

Rapists seem not to be aware of such punishment

Criminals are criminals, and sometimes the judge

Would say that they are worse than animals

As animals still have feelings and conscience in this regards

They still protect their offspring and families with love

In the teaching of Tao, rapists will suffer in Hell

And there is an eternal Hell for rapists cum murderers

A message for the ladies, take care