Showers of Wisdom - By JiGong


A person’s life always includes bitterness as well as happiness and it intermingles and manifests their presence throughout one’s lifetime.
(a) Life’s most bitter and painful encounters :
(1) The greatest sadness in a man’s life is to have a spiteful wife and a not filial son.
(2) The most wicked thing is to have someone repay one’s kindness with injury.
(3) The greatest misery is to be in an extremely distressed state.
(4) The most disheartening thing is for one’s friend and family to abandon him.
(5) The greatest frustration is to have success snatched from one’s easy grip.
(6) The greatest regret is to let one’s words or actions stray into the wrong.
(7) The most exhausting thing is to be under tremendous mental pressure.
 All these are the most painful and bitter encounters of a person’s life.
(b) Life’s most tragic fates:
All of life’s accumulated virtues can be destroyed by just one vice, just like a bird in its ardent search for food is suddenly seized by a predator. All such tragic instances are caused by greed. To get bullied or be killed by unnatural means, to get caught up in natural and human caused disasters, war and ruthless destruction…these are the most tragic fates of a person’s life.
(c) Life’s most unavoidable circumstances.
(1) The pain of not having what one desires to have or unobtainable.
(2) The pain of being separated from the one you love most of all.
(3) The pain of feeling bitterness toward someone.
(4) Illness, hunger, struggling for food, working hard for fame and profit, anxiety about the burdens of family…
These are the most unavoidable things in a person’s life and the constant rule of life.
(a) One should have an awareness of the impermanent and not to emphasize on material life, be eager in one’s pursuit of Truth, be willing to sacrifice oneself in order to serve the people so that they can transcend the cycle of rebirth. Vow to cease one’s endless worries and vexations and cultivate oneself although there may be no end to such a road and aim for what Buddhas have achieved though the goal may seen very lofty or far. Make oneself happy even when in a very bitter environment and turn the suffering into wisdom, severe confusion and learn from the Buddhas, wipe out karma and do good deeds. In this way one’s whole life won’t pass by in vain.
(b) Ones who have the ability to help others should do so eagerly and ones who have wealth should make donations and help people generously. Those endowed with high morals should influence and reform others.
So the happiest thing in the world is to do good deeds, to help others and to have a satisfied mind.
The great saint Mencius said,
The man of perfect virtues has three sources of happiness.
i) That his parents and siblings are still living
ii) He feels righteous even before God
iii) He surrounds himself with talented people and is able to educate them.
These are the delights that virtuous men desire.
Make the devil your enemy but do not make people your enemy.

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