In the beginning, Heaven and Earth were not separated and all was a void with no men or matters.

All souls were free of worries, anxieties, relaxed and carefree. All souls were pure and followed LAO MU wherever she went. In the Kingdom of bliss, the souls roamed and played freely, rode the green dragon and the colorful phoenix with infinite solemnity. Freely tour the mystic sceneries of Heaven, unafraid of coldness, heat and without restrictions. There were divine fruits, delicate juices, heavenly music, wore flying shoes and divine apparels. This was 60,000 years ago. Before this, the cycle was the same and it goes back to time immemorial. Then the indescribable energy begins and lives took forms.

The spirit (Qi) matured and after 10,800 years, the spirit was full and the sky was created or the spiritual world was created. After another 10,800 years the earth was completed with the sun, moon and the stars. The pure spirits rose and dwell in the spiritual world and the contaminated spirits descended and formed into continents, lakes, oceans, mountains, rivers and gave rise to all beings and matters. Another 10,800 years later the spiritual world interacted with earth and the sun and moon illuminated together. The spirit of ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ ( female and male ) complemented each other and lives took form and begin. This is the mysticism of Heaven and the origin of one cycle of Heaven and Earth which is 129,600 years. It is fixed and repeated itself endlessly. This mysticism cannot be fully described even by deities and the immortals.

The earth was without human but already inhabited by other life forms. Then LAO MU ordered the pure souls to descend to earth. Time after time the pure souls returned and refused to govern the mortal world. Without a choice LAO MU devised a plan and made wine from her blood after biting her middle finger. At Tri-Peaks, LAO MU lured the pure souls to get drunk in an installed grand immortal pool. LAO MU then took away the flying shoes and the divine apparels and the pure souls took form and became human, men and women. Then LAO MU said, be the origin of mankind and teach your children to do good so that they too can return to Heaven. ‘Wait until the Last Catastrophe of the Third Period when Tien-Tao (Heavenly Tao) is made available to everyone’ Then LAO MU will personally write and deliver letters to you and personally ferry you all back.

Now the fate of the spirit have come so LAO MU descend Tien-Tao and send the Laughing Buddha to spread Tien-Tao and amass souls.


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