Thousand Petals


One day, years ago around 1996

I had just attended a three-day Holy Seminar in 1995

Very impressed by what I had gone through

I started to go round preaching about the goodness of Tao

I went to see a lady fiend of mine who was very spiritual

Trying my best to propagate to her, she then told me:

“She had already received Tao 18 years ago in Singapore

She said her friend invited her to her house

Without telling her that it was a House Tao Temple

She was explained in very detail for many hours about Tao

And then a Tao Master arrived to perform Tao ceremony

In there were many others waiting for the Tao Master to receive Tao

When the Tao Master stepped into the House Temple

She said she saw thousand of flower petals falling from the ceiling

She was very curious and thought that it was done by the temple people

She asked them ‘how did they do such a magical thing?’

The temple people were equally surprised at what my friend said

And told her that they can’t see the falling petals in many varieties and colors

What they said was Heaven was very happy that she was going to receive Tao

Further impressed she went ahead to join in the Tao ceremony

After that she realized that Tao is very precious and beyond religion”

She congratulated me for trying to get her to receive Tao

And encouraged me to continue the good work

After listening to her manifestation of Heaven

It further also inspired me to do more for Tao

No word can actually describe Tao except example like this

Real encounter unseen to the eyes but only visible to some

Receiving Tao is a very special event for anyone

To me, it is the most important step to realize life

The meaning of it and what we should do as human

How to walk this path so that we won’t be lost in this world

There are thousands of roads and paths

Life is just too complicated seeing all the fighting among people and religion

It is just too bad and thanks, Tao is a very peaceful one

Encouraging even vegetarianism the way to purify the heart and soul

If you are approached by someone to receive Tao

Never miss the chance to at least listen them out

You may also see Thousands of Falling Flower Petals