Why wasnít Tien-Tao descended in the past until now?


There are times Tien-Tao should be invisible and times Tien-Tao should be visible.

In the past, the time was not ripe for Tien-Tao to be visible, so few people knew

about it.  Now, it is the time of the Last Catastrophe of the Third Period, Tien-Tao

becomes accessible to everyone.  This is so because the catastrophes created by

mankind are greater ever.  The deterioration of morality, the receding influences of

the five great religions, and the ever increasing intensity in competition plunge mankind

into a downward spiral, and are causes of the catastrophes.  This is why there were

floods, droughts, major fires, wars, famines, contagious diseases, and many other

disasters that took place in recent years all over the world.  Although catastrophes

are inevitable, the magnitudes of these catastrophes are proportional to sins committed

by mankind.  Those who are kind and good must not be destroyed together with the

evil.  So out of mercifulness, Immortals, Saints, and Buddhas all begged God to

descent Tien-Tao earlier in order to save the kind and the good.  Fortunately, God

granted their request and made Tien-Tao available to everyone.  Using Fu-luan as

the communication media, deities, together with humans, go all over to spread

Tien-Tao and the Truth.  The purpose of Fu-luan is to awake the hearts of human

beings so that people will repent and the magnitudes of the catastrophes will be

reduced, to help the good to return to Godís kingdom, and to transform this world

into a living Heaven.  Bringing salvation to this world is the endeavour of Immortals,

Saints, and Buddhas, and thatís why Tien-Tao is made accessible to everyone