Even though Tien-Tao is true, why are there so many non-believers? (46)


Whether a person will believe in Tien-Tao when he hears it depends

on the collective merits of his ancestors and his own foundation in

wisdom.  If one has faith in God, he will follow Tao earnestly. 

Those who do not have faith will not practice Tao even if they are

coerced to do so.  It is difficult for those who do not have faith to

receive Tien-Tao.  Only the family with collective merits from their

ancestors will give birth to children who will receive Tien-Tao and

practice Tao.


This can be illustrated by the following parable.  There is a mountain

rich in gold ore.  The sovereignty is willing to grant mining privileges

to anyone.  The commoners, who lack wisdom, think that gold cannot

be found in stones and take no action to this opportunity.  The wise

ones act immediately and file claims.  Soon, the output of the mines

rises to a thousand ounces of gold a day.  All the wise ones become

rich instantly.  By the time the commoners realize that there is indeed

gold in the ore, they rush to file claims.  By then, it is already too late,

for the wise ones have claimed all the mines.  As much as the commoners

regret, there is nothing they can do now.  This parable illustrates the

saying “The blessed will be born along with the Saints so he can learn

Tao.  The unblessed will be born when Tien-Tao is not available.”