Unbroken Stream


Good morning, time 7.25 a.m. 27/10/2000
It is Friday, Chinese calendar 9th month the first.
Today a temple shall be opened in Thailand
The temple keeper is a friend of mine
I met him five years ago
When we were training together in a temple in Kuala Lumpur
Looking back I remembered how I sweated with fear
Thinking of what the Heavenly Master JiGong said
For those who step into the temple of TAO
To assist Heaven in the salvation of mankind
He needs not be afraid of death due to hunger
And advised us
"Let yourself practise deeply, honestly and strongly
In everyday life
Then the vexation in the mind would be dissolved
And removed slowly
You need to repent and correct frequently
Be grateful at all times and give constantly
Then only you would discover
That your wisdom will come in
A steady and unbroken stream."
At a glance it is already five years
At another glance we will be old men
I wish to be a wise old man
Be able to guide the lost ones
And lead them back
Repent and correct frequently
Be grateful.