Unfortunate Birth


Many years ago as I was having a drink in a Chinese coffee shop

At the next table was an Indian man who looked very odd to me

His body was very short and he had very thin long arms and legs

I kept looking because I had never seen anyone like him

After he finished his meal and got up from the chair

I had a great shock of my life seeing the way he came down from the chair

Just like a spider and walked away also like a spider on four limbs

I really pitied him but could not do anything to help and just kept wondering why

Then another incident when I was at a large Goddess of Mercy’s temple

From far as I was walking towards the temple, similarly I saw a very odd human head

A Chinese man and he was wearing a cap

When I was near enough to see him clearly

His head was like an eye of a crap

Then I saw his two hands and feet

His hands looked like the two main claws of a crap only with two big fingers

His feet similarly looked like the two main claws of a crap with two huge toes

He didn’t seem to have any teeth in his mouth which made his head looked odd

Similarly I felt sorry for him just like when I saw the spider-like man

I realized later that they could be the re-incarnation

The spider-like man from a spider and

The crap-like man from a crap

Later, for the last 12 years of practising Tao since 1995

I came across photographs in many similarity and odd features of human

Fish-like, crocodile-like, animal-like…etc human beings with unfortunate birth

This is to prove that re-incarnation is real

The six paths of reincarnation professed by Tao can be seen in human

Spiritual people often said in many writings and with photographs to support that

If we are a slaughterer of chicken, we will look like chicken

If we are a butcher of pig, we will look like a pig

If we rear ostrich, we will look like an ostrich…….etc

Why ostrich? Because I have a friend whose face looked like an ostrich

And then I realized he had an ostrich farm and reared ostrich for sale…..

One day, a very spiritual Indian friend of mine

Brought me to a vegetarian Indian temple to listen to a great Guru from India

The Guru made great effort and encouraged his followers to be vegetarians

Upon ending his speech, he made a very strong statement

“If you like to eat pig,

You will smell and look like a pig.”

I understand better then why a lot of Indian is vegetarian

My two real personal encounters are no co-incidence

After 12 years as a vegetarian, my senses are different from normal people

I do not miss anything in term of food

I enjoy every meal with happiness and joy

And I have very real self realization and God