Utmost Perfection


Master JiGong told his disciples,
"You should know that within the TAO fields
You may not be able to acquire the experience of society
Yet, within the TAO fields
You may acquire the morality of society to its utmost perfection
If a person wants to gain a foothold in the society
It is not enough having wealth, fame and a desire for progress
If you do not possess that portion of virtuous conduct
With what are you going to show people?
The general public in the society regard educational degree
As the most high and the most superior
Yet, how many people use degree to understand the Truth-Principle?
Hopefully, you disciples do not only look at things
That bear shapes and forms (think highly of status, wealth….etc)
We must let our heart and soul be able to grow to maturity
We must let our heart and soul be able to reach loftiness and nobility"
Once I met a monk and I told him about TAO
He had been to a temple of TAO 
And he really admired the discipline there
The conduct and manner that the devotees showed
He wished that he could see it in the Buddhist temple
Recently he attended a Three-Day Holy Seminar in a TAO temple
After that he immediately cut off taking meat and wished to practise TAO
He was a good monk with good character and polite towards others
During the seminar Master JiGong spoke to him
He was very touched and showed gratefulness
As Master JiGong was a monk in his previous life thousand of years ago
Buddhists who know this usually will show respect
Because of the great virtues, sacrifices and compassion that he had done
That earned him one of the most respected Immortals among the Chinese
And million of temples set up in honor of him to offer prayers and devotion
In terms of discipline for the TAO cultivators
Immortal KUAN TI is the Chief Discipline Master appointed by LAO MU
KUAN TI is the most popular Immortal among the Chinese Taoism
Because of his great merits, righteousness and discipline when he was a man
LAO MU appointed him to guide TAO devotees
He is an example for TAO devotees to follow in terms of discipline
This is the reason why there is great discipline in the TAO temple
And admired by the monk and millions who know
It is for this very reason that Master JiGong said
That you may acquire the morality of society to its Utmost Perfection
The rules and by-laws are set up by the Immortals in the TAO temple
Upon order by LAO MU
Praise be to LAO MU