Should one become a vegetarian after receiving Tien-Tao? (26)


It is of utmost importance to be a vegetarian after one receives

Tien-Tao.  The True Self is pure and clean.  To retain such purity,

one should not allow any contamination.  If the True Self is

contaminated, it becomes lost.  To restore the True Self to its

original brightness, the practitioners of Tao must filter out all impurities.


The impurities consist of the onion family, garlic family, leeks, shallots

and tobacco among vegetables, and all animals such as poultry, meat

and seafood.  The onion family, the garlic family and tobacco carry

strong odours and will damage the foundation of the five organs - heart,

liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys.  All animals belong to yin and if eaten,

will harm the soul, which is pure yang.  In order to return to Godís

kingdom, one must restore the True Self to pure yang.  It is to our

advantage to avoid taking in any substances that are yin and safeguard

whatever yang that is already in us.  Needless to say, God is benevolent

and gives life to this world; so as a practitioner of Tao, we should model

after Him and avoid taking lives for the pleasure of our tastes.


If one cannot exclude the onion family, the garlic family, tobacco and

animals from oneís diet immediately, one still should attempt a gradual

approach.  Keeping this goal in mind, one could start the vegetarian diet

on the first and fifteenth of each month in the Chinese lunar calendar

and slowly extend the diet to other days of the months.  Eventually,

one can adjust to a full vegetarian diet and maintain it for life.