What is Life?

The Truth of Life(25 Chapters)Introduction

Search for Truth
(25 Chapters)




Life is to seek a permanent home to go to.



Where is this permanent home?
How to get there?
Which way should I take?
These are the words from Heaven:
“People rarely live up to a hundred years of age
Yet, they carry with them the worries of a thousand years
Within this chaotic and dazzling world, it is only due to ignorance
That people have created for themselves
Thousands and tens of thousands of attachments and worries
Like cycles within cycles and layers upon layers
These attachments and worries have firmly plugged their minds
So tightly plugged that one is nearly suffocated
So densely blocked that it becomes indissoluble
Their purpose in life have been totally sunk into a loss
And an illusion of the past, the present and the future
No time is ever spared to seek the real meaning of life
Hence, greed, anger, ignorance and desire come into being
Cause-Consequence and samsara come into being
And the endless floating and sinking of births and deaths come into being”

Great Thought

A thought of joy is stars in panorama
And clouds in celebration
A thought of anger is
Ear-splitting thunder and torrential rain
A thought of loving-kindness is
Caressing breeze and sweet dew
A thought of dignity is
Scorching sun and autumn frost

This website should be able to satisfy a lot of questions about life and the answer to "What is life?"

This is what Heaven said:

"If you have a child-like nature, hold on to it firmly as it is in the beginning to the end.
If you have a heart of sincerity and determination, do not succumb to any failures in life.
If you are a man of wisdom, you can solve problems uprightly without delusions.
If you have a benevolent and compassionate heart, you will have the virtue of compassion indefinitely.
If you have a brave heart, you can defeat all demons.
If you are a truly wise one, there will be no more fighting and quarrels anymore.
If you have a heart of ease, there is nothing to be arrogant about.
If you have a heart of diligence, you can run fast and far in the right directions.
If you have a heart of compassion, serve the Buddha's Temple earnestly through propagation.
If you have a heart of gratitude, you will not forget Lao Mu (God) completely.
If you have a calm and quiet heart, you will not have any worries.
If you have a happy heart, you will be carefree and in freedom."

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Explanations of the Answers to the Truth. (Tao of Heaven is also known as Tien-Tao in Chinese)