What is Karma?

For every action or cause there is reaction or effect. This is a universal law. The existence of all substances and beings in the cosmos is a product of causes and effects or Karma. Nothing can exist without a cause. Cause is the essence of all elements and lives, fate is the force that brings them together and effect is the end result. A life is born due to the parentís cause and fate.


When the parentís emotions and desired bring them to heat, they send off a certain wavelength of spirit. As a soul with the same wavelength picks up this signal and starts to resonate, it homes in and enters the womb. This forms the relationship of parent and child. The emotions, minds and habits of parents pass on as heredity in their children, forming the effects of the childrenís lives. All memories built into the mind in this life† become the cause of the next life. This sequence feeds on itself and becomes a cycle. The force of the cycle decides a personís fate and this is Karma.


In other words, your karma will determine your next life, be it human or any sentient beings or spirit, good or bad, happy or sad. If born as a human, your karmic wave will coincide with that of your parents and born into that family, good or bad, fortunate or unfortunate, be it in any country. With or without the likeness of your parents, your birth into that family definitely has something to do with your past life, so as to be together again, for whatever reasons, be it good or bad, rich or poor, fortunate or unfortunate, etc. Once born, no one can escape the course of nature. Death is the end of one life and also the beginning of another life. It goes on endlessly unless the soul accumulates sufficient merits and transcends the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.