The Proposed White Sun Resort 
 with Temple of the White Sun as the   
 main pillar, it has the following  
  1) To worship God
  2) To venerate Heaven and Earth
  3) A Holy place for everybody
  4) The place of service for mankind
  5) The place of refuge for the tired souls
  6) The place for Inter-Faith exchange
  7) The place of contact between Saints
  8) The place of ceremonies and rites
  9) The place for gaining Holy merits
  10) The place for transmission of Tao
  11) To promote world peace and unification of    
  12) To make Malaysia an Utopia on Earth
  14) A place of the ‘Sudden’ Dharma school
  15) A place to house the urn of Holy people of  
        the world
  16) A Chinese medical college, apartments,   
        condominiums and hotel
  17) A trading center for works of Chinese arts  
        and sculptures
  18) A place of vegetarian cooking school
  19) A place of herbal farm and orchard
  20) A place for the unfortunate.


  The development of The Temple of The White Sun is a huge giant task as can be seen in the visual below. We need people of the world to come together to give a helping hand. We have came out with the book "White Sun - Tao of Heaven" and this website to start the ball rolling. Ultimately people of the world will benefit from this great place of salvation when it is completed.  By purchasing the book "White Sun - Tao of Heaven" you are helping to make it possible. Thank you.


                                           (1) White Sun  (2)  Preface  (3) Introduction  (4) How to Order   (5) Order Form                                                                          Contents
Samples of book: -  (1) Goddess of Mercy  (2) Bamboo  (3) Lotus Willow Tree (4) Grand Master Han  (5) The Great Tao
                                            (6) The Shower of Wisdom  (7) Letter from Home  (8) Arrival of the Gods  (9) Admonition One