A Beautiful Beggar


One day, during a festival of the Goddess of Mercy
I went to a small Goddess of Mercy temple
To pay my respect and gratefulness
Besides the temple were a few beggars
And one of them, appeared very pitiful
Because he was very thin and slightly deformed
Sitting beside him was a young and healthy beggar
A lot of people gave a little
Especially to the pitiful beggar
And not to the young and healthy beggar
Then someone gave a RM5 note to the pitiful beggar
The pitiful beggar
Seeing that nobody gave to the young beggar
Immediately gave the RM5 note to him
The young beggar refused to accept
Then from his pocket, the pitiful beggar took out a RM1 coin
And gave it to the young beggar who accepted it
Seeing this gave me a wonderful feeling
A beggar giving money to another beggar out of pity
Any thing good is beautiful
Any beautiful thing is not necessarily good
He was definitely a very beautiful beggar inwardly
Even though he appeared pitiful outwardly
The bible has given a case of this kind
Between a selfish rich man and a beggar
The beggar went to Heaven and the rich man down under
If a beggar can pity another beggar
We hope, fortunate people can be kind
If Heaven has only one place for two
The kind will surely have the place
My Heavenly Teacher, JiGong was a monk, thousands of years ago in China
But he dressed like a beggar, The Most Beautiful Beggar, wearing a hat
He was the rebirth of one of the Great 18 Arahants
This is a poem mentioned earlier,
"Looking foolish in stupid airs
Yet light and happy is my heart!
On the go all day long, how easy and free I stomp!
Gentle and kind to everyone, in joy and cheers I run!
Yet one thing I must seriously take!
Check and correct my mistakes."
Millions bow and pray to him today in the temple of TAO
He is my greatest teacher of the truth from Heaven
A man of boundless virtues in the past
A man worthy of praises and respects now and forever.