Affinity and Happy Family


Master JiGong asked,

"How must you continue to manage your happy family?
In correcting oneself, practising truth and wisdom
It is absolutely not to let you take the affinity of this life
To create some bad affinity in the coming lives
If you cannot settle the affinity of this life completely
Then you will have to encounter some bad affinity in the coming lives"
Divorce is very common nowadays
I have a few friends who are divorcees, men and women
Recently a friend of mine came to the temple
Suddenly she said she wanted to divorce her husband
Knowing her husband I could understand her
She was already in the 40’s and still charming and her husband late 50’s
It happened that a TAO master was around at that time
The master repeated the sayings of Master JiGong
About affinity and the coming lives that we could not escape
After listening, it was still difficult for her to carry on the ‘torture’
She could not bear it any more, she said 
But at least she had cooled down after listening
I would not know whether she would proceed one day
To divorce and lead a new life which was sometimes frightening to imagine
As a man I understood that at times we forgot how to treasure the good time
And did not give but took it easy
Until it was too late to rectify and mend the damages
Then suddenly it became valuable and precious
Loneliness and uncertainty then became fear
Not knowing how to cope with the new life
People who are in want to get out
People who do not have want to have
This is very common and fantasized by a lot of people
Whether you are in or out
Whether you have or not have
Affinity and happy family are usually not up to us to choose
By correcting oneself, practising the truth and using wisdom
The good karma will bring better affinity to emerge and form
Wish you best of luck.