Basic Duty
Master JiGong said,
"In life, we often encountered undesirable matters
How would you subdue these undesirable circumstances?
Hopefully you don’t come to cultivate TAO
Only because you have encountered some real emergencies or disasters
Some are tortured almost to death by sickness
Then only they say
Alright, I must cultivate TAO
I need to take the vow to stop eating flesh
Too late!
Chances must be grasped by oneself
If you hesitate, you will lose the chance
If you have this vigor and drive
And rush all the way forward
You can do more
Than just becoming a Buddha – A fully enlightened being
Yet, we don’t cultivate TAO
Just because we are seeking the word Buddha
We are just fulfilling our basic duty
The ‘basic duty’ that we have brought with us
From the Heaven of Truth."
The sutra of Maitreya Buddha says,
"All the Heavenly stars have descended and taken birth
To assist Maitreya Buddha in the great salvation
They are the army from Heaven"
For those who are initiated with TAO
And propagate TAO
And assist in the Temple of TAO
Maitreya Buddha addresses them as the ‘army from Heaven’
Master JiGong addresses them as his disciples, in Chinese ‘Tu Er’
If one were to look up into the clear night sky nowadays
Yes, where are all the stars?
I remembered when I was young about 40 years ago
The night sky was filled with stars
Could it be true that the Heavenly stars had descended?
The answer was in the clear night sky
Look up and see if you are more than 40
The basic duty is very clear to TAO practitioners
And that accounts for the number of Vegetarians nowadays
Majority of the Chinese vegetarians
Majority of the Chinese vegetarian shops
Are devotees of TAO.