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The Bible is the most popular book in the world according to historical reports. The Bible has been translated into about one thousand and eight hundred editions and about two hundred million editions have been sold or distributed. Miraculously, a manuscript of the Bible was maintained for several thousand years before the invention of the technology of printing. So far, there have been about sixteen thousand hand-written Bibles passed down. Newton, an English physicist, who proved the law of gravity, said: “The Bible challenges more than any other of the science.” The Bible does not exaggerate Western civilization.

The Bible is a Book containing many books, sixty-six of them, divided into the Old Testament and the New Testament. “Genesis,” which tells of the beginning of creation, is the first book of the Old Testament. Its author has been ascribed traditionally to Moses, the Hebrew prophet inspired by God. The last book of the New Testament is “Revelation.” It describes the ultimate triumph of Jesus Christ, who was born in Palestine, and of His people in the future. The Old Testament mainly reports God’s dealings with Israel based on the covenant presented by Moses at Mt Sinai. The New Testament depicts the new arrangement of God with men through Christ on the basis of the New Covenant. Jesus’ disciples recorded His teachings in the New Testament.
Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist in the presence of the Holy Spirit and then went to the desert and fasted for about forty days before He started to preach God’s words. He was tested three times by Satan. Not tempted, he was enlightened and began to preach God’s Truth. He died on the Cross but miraculously was resurrected three days after His crucifixion. Why must Christ be crucified on the Crucifix? Is there a divine message that he wants to carry to us?
Briefly, doctrine of Christianity espouses the rebirth of the soul, seeking of the Truth through the Cross, the importance of praying, and being baptized with the Holy Spirit as criteria for returning to God’s Kingdom. Kindly refer to the Web Page above under “Cross & Tao” to see the relationship of how the Cross, Tao, Hell and Eternity are related from a piece of paper in the divine manifestation revealed by Jesus Christ to us in the Temple of Tao of Heaven.
The real author of the Bible is the Almighty and Omnipotent Lord who has no beginning and end and will last forever. According to Tao of Heaven, the truth is embedded in the Bible, Koran, Buddhist Sutra, teachings of Confucius and Lao Tze and other Holy Books. In this web page I would like to point out some testimonies in the Bible indirectly referring to Tao through the parables and scriptures.      
1] If you have not followed the steps explained above under the web page “Cross & Tao,” kindly be patient and see for yourself by following the folding and tearing of a piece of A4 paper to reveal the relationship between “The Cross, Tao, Hell and Eternity.”
2] Jesus hinted at another sacred secret in Matthew’s Gospel: John the Baptist said, “Whereas I baptize you with water for repentance, the One who comes after me is so far superior to me that I am not fit to carry His sandals. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and Fire. Kindly refer to the web page “Heavenly Dragon’s Scroll” where the baptism is with the Holy Spirit and Fire supported by the divine manifestation in photograph to show proof of the baptism of the fire.
3] The Spirit of Truth – When Jesus knew beforehand of His approaching death, He said to His disciples, “I have still many things to tell you, but you cannot bear them now. When the Spirit of Truth comes, however, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own account but will say whatever He hears, and He will make known to you what is to take place.” (John 16 :12-13) Who is “The Spirit of Truth?” What are those things that could not be clarified by Jesus at that time? It is Tao and the transmission of Tao that no word can explain. Please refer to “Cross & Tao” and “Heavenly Dragon Scroll” where the baptism is by the Holy Spirit and Fire. Why he must be crucified on The Cross to carry the message of The Cross where His disciples cannot bear them at that time. He did not die and sacrifice his life on The Cross for no significant reason and The Cross shows us The Narrow Gate which leads to Heaven.
4] The Seal – John (not John the Baptist) said, “Following this I saw four angels stationed at the four corners of the earth, restraining the four winds of the earth, so that no wind might blow on land or sea or on any tree. I also observed another angel ascending from the sunrise, holding a seal from the living God. He shouted with a loud voice to the four angels, who had been empowered to injure the earth and the sea: “Injure neither the earth nor the sea nor the trees until we have sealed the servants of our God upon their foreheads” (Revelation 7 : 1-3). Upon transmission of Tao, a seal will be chopped on the forehead of the receiver of Tao. This seal is one of the Three Heavenly Treasures. Kindly refer to the Three Heavenly Treasures on the web page above. This is also called The Divine Eye or The Third Eye or The Narrow Gate represented by The Cross.
5] Winnowing fan – The winnowing fan is in His hand and He will thoroughly clean His threshing floor. His wheat He will store in the granary, but the chaff He will burn with fire that cannot be put out (John 3 : 11-12). In the book of Revelation, it is mentioned that the Enlightened Patriarch (Spirit of Truth) came from the land of sunrise – China, “I also observed another angel ascending from the sunrise, holding a seal from the living God.” (Revelation 7 : 2-3). So, the Spirit of Truth will come from China and He is Master JiGong appointed by Lao Mu (God) as the Baptist to carry out The Baptism of The Holy Spirit and Fire. He holds a winnowing fan.  
The Fan that Master JiGong holds in his hand.








Jesus Christ baptizing his disciple similar to the way in Tao of Heaven using his finger to open up The Divine Eye or The Narrow Gate. 



Jesus Christ was crucified at The Skull with two criminals beside him. Is there a divine message that he wants to carry to us by dying on the crucifix? The message is The Narrow Gate is in the Center of The Cross. Please refer to "Cross & Tao" explained in the web page above.

Master JiGong holding a winnowing fan. 

The Spirit of Truth that Jesus Christ refers to is Master JiGong. He makes known to us what is to take place, that is the baptism of The Fire and Holy Spirit for Eternity.

The Angel ascending from the sunrise (China), holding a seal from the living God.

This Seal is one of The Three Heavenly Treasures. The receiver of Tao will be chopped with The Holy Seal on the forehead during the transmission of Tao.

See the winnowing fan below. The message is that Master JiGong is the Spirit of Truth holding the winnowing fan.

The winnowing fan is the symbol of Master JiGong and the Bible says that "The winnowing fan is in His hand."