Master JiGong said,

"The so-called HABITS are just the old views and old ways of each individual
That one has accumulated from one’s numerous past lives.
All such terms as MY, it’s done by ME or I WAS BORN WITH THAT
Are attachments and ignorant
To subdue ignorance, if you say it is hard, it is hard
If you say is simple, it is simple
As long as we change the way of thinking, it would be fine
Once thinking and calculation (bargaining) is involved, it is not TAO
That is called human heart. That is called cleverness
Once the Human Heart or Mind is activated
This WISDOM is not the same as before
Wisdom and Cleverness are not the same
Wisdom originates from the Heavenly Heart (Conscience)
It is unbiased and unprejudiced (the middle way)
Once a person uses the human mind and cleverness
He would lead himself astray
What is cleverness?
A clever mind easily falls into confrontation or opposite
In having a mind of confrontation, you may harm yourself
When you are about to do this, you’ll think: Is there any benefit?
When you are about to do that, you’ll think: Will it hurt me?
Hence we say, when you do things with cleverness
You may mislead yourself
Take for example
You come here today to listen to TAO (for newcomer)
Once you step into the door
You immediately think: Is this an evil sect?
 ‘One should first observe, then judge with wisdom’
Hence we say, this Cleverness is already beaten by Wisdom
What do you wish to have: Cleverness or Wisdom?
‘Those with great wisdom need to appear foolish’
Clever people show off themselves at all times and wish to climb upward
So as to make themselves known to others
As for the wise, they fear that if they climb too high
They would fall too badly
There is a saying
The clever ones are conversely harmed by their cleverness’
Big trees do invite strong wind!
Now that you have climbed really high, when the wind comes
Won’t you be the first one to be swept down?
Hence we say: Our aspiration and moral integrity must be high
Yet the ‘air’ of our mind (arrogance) must be low" 
Cleverness? Just be careful! In words and deeds!