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The Holy Lamps

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This divine message from Heaven shows The Three Holy Lamps of every Tao of Heaven's Temple. The center lamp is The Lamp of Lao Mu (God) and the other two lamps are Holy Lamps of Earth. These three lamps have manifested in many photographs showing The Golden Thread and The Baptism of The Fire.
The Four Chinese Words mean "The Lamp that gives Salvation." It is the center lamp that gives salvation. 

Life is like a burning candle light, some long, some short, some thick and some thin. Sometimes when a sudden gust of wind blows, even though the light is still burning, it can just be extinguished, meaning life just have to stop for whatever reason.

Let yourself practise deeply, honestly and strongly in everyday life.
Then the vexation in the mind would be dissolved and removed slowly. You need to repent and correct frequently, be grateful at all times and give constantly. Then only you would discover that your wisdom will come in a steady and unbroken stream.

Bringing along nothing as one arrives
Only the nature granted through mercy
Dealing with the given time
Hoping all walk the Enlightened Way
Impossible to tell those who do not realize
Dharma teaches the very nature of mankind
Having performed deeds of virtues
Additional knowledge of doing must be realized
Reduce not yourself from the Truth
Make your way towards the Buddha Land
Action shows the degree of cultivation

The Sayings from Heaven

The darkness of Hell realm comes from the ugly heart of selfishness
The coldness of Hell realm comes from the ungrateful heart of human beings
The horror of Hell realm comes from the violence and threats of evilness
The sorrow of Hell realm comes from the cunning and schemes of human hearts

Do not be deluded by the mortal weariness and love affairs
Do not be dissolute and do evil but cultivate earnestly with a true heart
A righteous heart earns wisdom and it shines upon one's innate nature
Be honest in your cultivation and you will succeed as a living Saint


Master JiGong

The lights from the three lamps blessing devotees in the Temple of Tao of Heaven in the photo above.

The Holy Ring of  circumference of 100 feet protecting the temple from disasters, calamities and catastrophes.