WHITE SUN -  Tao of Heaven
CONTENTS ( The Whole Book )


 Part 1
My Great Experiences with the Divine Beings 2
The Miracle of Jesus Christ Year 1977 13
The Realization of Buddhism Year 1993 16
The White Sun Year 1994 18
The Rocky Path 20
The Great Tao. 22
Showers of Wisdom 38
Maitreya Buddha The Buddha of Tao 46
JiGong The Heavenly Teacher of Tao 48
Bodhisattva Yueh Hui 50
Grand Elder Han 52
Hierarchy of Masters under Grand Elder Han 54
Grand Elder Ho The Holy Saint of Nourishing Illumination 56
Kuan Ti Heavenly 1st Discipline Teacher of Tao 58
Lu DongBin Heavenly 2nd Discipline Teacher of Tao 60
Underworld Judge 62
Asura Demon and Spiritual Creditor 64
Revengeful Spirit ( Devil or Ghost ) 70
An Eye for an Eye 74
Live and Let Live 78
Heart & Mind Mountain 82
Sutra of Maitreya Buddha on Rescue of Suffering 84
The Golden Thread 88
The Heavenly Three Treasures of TAO 115
The Letter from Home By Lao Mu 126
Arrivals of the Gods in the Temple of TAO 132
The Ten Admonitions of TAO By Lao Mu 140
Sayings of JiGong Made simple for easy reading (Part 2) 156
Short Stories The Lighter Side of TAO (Part 2) 224
The CROSS of Jesus Christ 296
Why was Jesus crucified on the CROSS according to TAO 298
Manifestation of the WHITE SUN 306
Temple of the WHITE SUN 307


                           (1) White Sun   (2)  Preface  (3) Introduction  (4) How to Order   (5) Order Form  


Samples of book: -  (1) Goddess of Mercy  (2) Bamboo  (3) Lotus Willow Tree (4) Grand Master Han  (5) The Great Tao

                                            (6) The Shower of Wisdom  (7) Letter from Home  (8) Arrival of the Gods  (9) Admonition One

                                            (10) White Sun Mission