Formation of the CROSS in our solar system from one dimension point of view in every 129,600 years (one cycle of Heaven and Earth) Earth is in the center of the nine planets with total darkness.

Step 1 - Take a piece of A4 paper

Step 3 



































The truth has no word to explain and if it can be explained then it is not the truth. Why must Christ be crucified on the Cross or Crucifix? Is there a hidden meaning where we have to search? From above it is stated that the truth is embedded in the Bible, Koran, Sutra and many other sayings of the Saints and Sages of the past. Below is the divine message from Jesus Christ made known to us! It explained the mystical relationship between the ‘Cross & Tao’ and how to have Eternal Peace and Salvation through the Narrow Gate.

There is no word but the simple truth is explained by using a piece of A4 paper. Kindly follow step by step in the folding and tearing to see the wonder of Heaven because seeing is more powerful than reading. People remember better when they see as compared to they hear or read. Kindly follow and ask yourself can the relationship of the 'Cross & Tao' lead us to the answers to the many mysteries in life and the universe.

 Step 3 - Make the second fold.

Step 4 - Make the third fold







Step 5 - On the left

a] Divide it into three parts by folding as in the dotted line and open again.

b] You can then see the folded lines on the paper.

Step 6 - On the right

Tear as on the right along the dotted lines




Step 7 - On the left

After tearing you will have three pieces of paper on the left.

Step 8 - On the right

a] Open up the 1st and 2nd  shortest papers on the left. Do not open the longest paper.

b] Join all the opened papers from the left and form the word HELL on the right.

Step 9 - On the left

Rearrange the torn papers that formed the word HELL into two Chinese characters called 'Yong Sern' meaning Eternity. But 'Yong Sern' is not complete without a dot on top of the first Chinese character 'Yong'. See right. If there is a dot on top of it then 'Yong Sern' is completed meaning eternal life.


Step 10 - On the left

a] Tear off the lower tip of the longest paper on the left along the dotted line. 

b] The opened small piece of paper from the longest paper is round in shape. 

c] Place this small piece of paper on top of the Chinese character 'Yong'.

'Yong Sern' is completed meaning ETERNITY.


Step 11 - On the left

a] Jesus Christ said when you open the torn longest paper, it is the answer to the mystic truth.

b] It is the narrow gate and the Right Portal or the Divine Eye.

SEE RIGHT - A Cross or Crucifix with a hole in the center.

Step 12 - On the left.

a] Rearrange the torn pieces of papers and form the Chinese word TAO on the left. See the DOT comes from the CROSS in order to make the word TAO complete. Without the dot, it is not TAO.


Is between, Eternity (Yong Sern), CROSS and TAO.

In every human face, there is a CROSS and the DOT, the Divine Eye or the Narrow Gate that Jesus Christ is talking about.

The Chinese character of the word 'TAO'




Step 2 - Make the first fold.

Step 4