WHITE SUNTAO of Heaven is a book with 308 pages of which the hard copy has more than 200 colored pictures, photographs and drawings, written by T.A Chew with the intention of sharing his spiritual experiences and to raise funds for the development of the Temple of the White Sun.
With the introduction of a few pages of the book at our website, it is hoped that readers would be interested to own a digital copy of the book which has been divided into two parts for the purpose of sales through the internet associated with ClickBank. Profits from the sales of the books due to the publisher will go towards the development of the Temple of the White Sun and partly for free distributions of the hard copies of the book.
Price per Digital Copy of WHITE SUN - Tao of Heaven (Part 1) is US25.00 
Purchasers will be able to download immediately in Microsoft Word Document upon clearance of payments to Clickbank of USD25.00 per copy for Part 1.
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Allow me to say something about having good health.
Health or WealthThe mission but what is the real mission? 
I-Kuan Tao or Tao of Heaven means The Tao that unifies all with oneness” for world peace and is WHITE SUN Mission. It does not differentiate between color, race and religion, rich or poor. My book was written initially with the idea of disseminating the teaching to whoever willing to study the reasons why this world must have another spiritual path. Hasn’t religion done enough good and bad?
Unification of all into one is one of the missions. In this respect why not having a spiritual place where all, regardless of color, race and religion come together to share peace and teachings to understand the world better. White Sun Enterprise has this aim to set up this spiritual place where all come to meet and enjoy immense peace similar to the time since immemorial where we were all as one with God, Allah, Lao Mu or whatever name being named. We are all brothers and sisters between the four seas, says Confucius.
I have started the ball rolling with the completion of this book ‘WHITE SUN’ in the hard and digital copies and have come up with this website. Fortunately there is ClickBank to handle the collections by selling the book in digital form to start off the mission. My first effort in terms of money and time is done and I would really appreciate if readers could come in to give a helping hand to see the dream comes true. Be it in the form of buying or promoting this book, I am very sure we can have a place like Heaven on Earth called WHITE SUN Resorts with The Temple of the White Sun built from the profits of this website. It belongs to all because you will also find Church or even Mosque side by side, to attain spiritual harmony. Tao of Heaven embraces all religions.
Any help in kind or deed is welcome and this website will grow by the day to provide information to the readers like a newsletter. Any positive action taken by the readers after encountering this book is an honor to me. What has this got to do with health? If you have wealth and no health, what is the use of all the money if you can’t even walk! I believe you know when we do a good deed, in return something good will happen to us. To have better health, try the recipe below daily and then tell others. When someone becomes healthier because of you, in return you will become healthier. Time will tell.
There are two types of sicknesses
OneDue to food and lifestyle and can be cured by medicine.
Two –The sickness of the ‘Karma’ and cannot be cured by medicine.
What should I do if I have poor health or want to improve or maintain my health?
Exercise regularly and follow the recipe of food and drinks as follows:
[1] Drink fresh lemon juice daily [2] Combine a little of these; guava or apple, celery, wild bitter gourd, Japanese cucumber, carrot, lemon juice or its skin and water. Blend it together and drink it daily at least once [3] Take lesser meat or only vegetarian food.
What should I do if my sickness is of ‘Karma’ or someone has this sickness?
Only Heaven can help, not even the best doctor in the world can do anything or miracle.
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Thank you.
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