The WHITE SUN is an easy reading book that touched on life and its purposes. It has the basic religious truths blended to suit the modern people. Many of the stories are true experiences and the scriptures are expressed in modern languages and simple words to complement the traditional ones. Although the spirits and principles of the ancient scriptures never changed, the historical, cultural, political and social background varied through time and it shows us great wisdom. Wisdom is like a chest of treasure. Once we open it, there are many precious and invaluable gems that we can gain. Within it, gives the answers to the many mysteries in life and the universe. With it the Saints and Sages are awakened and enlightened to the understanding of the truth.
It is an honor that I have the opportunity to learn from real encounters and study from the Heavenly spirits to confirm, realize and spread the Truth. May those who have sought TAO discover the inexpressible inner joy and peace in the cultivation of TAO. May those who have not sought TAO be inspired by this simple book on my experiences of the last ten years together with the wisdoms of the Heavenly Beings that imparted to us in the temple of TAO.
TAO embraces the other religions; Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam etc. The truth is embedded in the Scriptures, Bible, Sutra, Qur'an and sayings of Saints and Sages   
There is a saying:
"We can propagate to others only during our lifetime,
but holy books can do it for many generations."
For every error in this book, I sincerely beg for pardon from my gracious Heavenly teacher,
all worthies and LAO MU for their mercy.
Every financial contribution collected from this book will go towards
the temple building fund to develop the "Temple of the White Sun”
Thank you.
T.A Chew - Author
Publisher   -  (All rights reserved)
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Manifestation of Fairies in the Sky.