JOURNEY No 1    -   Date: 9th Sept 1976
To the Cave of ‘Xintou Shan’ (Heart Mountain)
JiGong took a medium by the name of ‘Yang Sheng’ of ‘Sheng Xian Tang’
temple to visit the Cave of Xintou Shan.
JiGong: Tonight we are going to the Cave of Xintou Shan. Would you like to follow me?
Yang Sheng: I am much obliged and I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for
                      giving me the opportunity to visit the Cave.  
JiGong: Because of your good and charitable works in Sheng Xian Tang, the Jade
              Emperor in Heaven, ‘Yu Huang’ has chosen you to tour Hell so that when you
              return to Earth you can write a book on what you have seen, for distribution to
              human beings so that they can do good deeds.
Yang Sheng: I thank you again for choosing me for the honor. I understand that souls of
                       the dead visiting Hell ride on Heavenly horses or sit on platforms of lotus
JiGong: Yang Sheng, you are very naïve. The road to Hell is not so pleasant and easy as
               you imagine. There is no gateway to Hell and so the souls will have to
               encounter and overcome many obstacles and hardships before they can reach
Yang Sheng: Master, I am afraid you have taken too much wine and have got drunk to
                      say such things.
JiGong: Yes, I have drank too much because, seeing that humanity have now committed
               many sins, I purposely drink a lot in order to forget their mistakes and evil
               doings. Now will you join me to drink some more?
Yang Sheng: Master, I cannot drink and so please do not tease me.
JiGong: Well, let us not waste time. We will make the journey. I will transform a lotus
               flower into a platform and both of us can travel in it and we will tour Hell.
Yang Sheng: I am much surprised. Your magical powers are so great that by just saying
                      a few prayers you have produced a lotus flower. I dare not step on the lotus
                      platform because my feet are so dirty.
JiGong: Do not worry about your feet being dirty. If your heart is pure and clean, that is
              what we want. Do you know that the lotus grow in ponds which are not clean
              and yet the lotus flower is very clean.
Yang Sheng: Well then, I will follow what you say and will sit on the lotus flower
                       platform; but which direction shall we go?
JiGong: There is nothing to worry. Just close your eyes and I will bring you there.
Yang Sheng: I will follow you obediently.
JiGong: Now open your eyes.
Yang Sheng: Oh, where is this place? I see a high mountain and at the side are three
                       shining golden letters: “Xintou Shan”.
JiGong: You do not know. The name of this mountain is Xintou Shan and if you climb
               up to the top you will reach the gate of Tian Tang (Heaven). However, you can
               also see that on the side of this mountain there is a cave which is very dark and
               it is bottomless. This is the Cave of Hell, ‘Diyu Dong’. In the olden days, the
               Saints said that the heart controls a person, i.e your heart can tell you to do good
               or to do evil. If one does good, the soul will go to Heaven, but if one does evil
               the soul will surely be sent to Hell. It all depends upon yourself, to do good or
               to do evil. 
Yang Sheng: Oh, I see. Therefore one can choose to go to Heaven or to Hell according to
                       to one’s actions. This then means that we can be either immortal or ghost.
JiGong: Very true, you have said it. Well, well, well, time is running short for tonight’s
               visit and so we have to climb back onto the lotus flower platform to bring us
               back to Earth.
Yang Sheng: Master, I will follow your instructions.
JiGong: Quickly close your eyes because the wind here is very strong.
Yang Sheng: Yes, I agree; I cannot stand this strong wind.
JiGong: Now we have reached Earth. Open your eyes and get down from this lotus
              flower. Your soul will now return to your body.
End of Journey No 1