JOURNEY NO 11   -   25th October 1976


Touring Ordure Pool in Hades

JiGong: Human beings must continually undergo birth, death and rebirth which they cannot escape. A famous Chinese philosopher (Taoist) named Zhuang Zi said: “I did not like to be born, suddenly I was born; I also did not like to die but suddenly I had to die”. This means that the “birth and death” cycle is beyond the control of human beings, but to a certain extent we can still control birth and death. Because of the lack of comprehension of the meaning of birth and death, people do not really know what is birth and what is death. Therefore the King of Hades controls birth and death. It is during the 7th Moon Pudu Festival (Festival of Hungry Ghost) when the living pray and sacrifice to the hungry ghosts that they will understand the true meaning of birth and death, and, consequently by doing good deeds, it leads to the avoidance of the sufferings of transmigration of souls. This then should be the opportunity to understand the true meaning of life and death. Yang Sheng, prepare yourself to go to Hades.
Yang Sheng: Yes, Master. The trouble that you have taken to teach human beings to do good is much appreciated and has greatly influence me; I am therefore most grateful to you.
JiGong: Teaching good to human beings is my duty and is also the duty of all Heavenly Spirits. Quickly step on the lotus flower platform.
Yang Sheng: I am well seated…
JiGong: We have arrived at the Second Tribunal. Quickly get out.
Yang Sheng: Why do we come again to the Second Tribunal tonight?
JiGong: Quickly go and pay your respects to Chu Jiang Wang. Afterwards we will call on the Heads of other departments.
Yang Sheng: Chu Jiang Wang has gone to the Tribunal to try cases; let us go quickly …..We humbly pay our respects to Chu Jiang Wang and Spirit Officers.
Chu Jiang Wang: Do not stand on ceremony, quickly arise. JiGong and Yang Sheng, please have a rest in the hall.
JiGong: Time is limited and there is no need to rest but your Officers can bring Yang Sheng to see the various places of punishment.
Chu Jiang Wang: It’s a good idea; I will ask a General to conduct JiGong and Yang Sheng around.
General: Yes, Sir. Please both of you, follow me…..
Yang Sheng: Why is this place so stink - the smell of excretion?
General: In front it is called “Dung and Urine Pool of Hades”; that is why the smell is so offensive, please excuse us.
Yang Sheng: The nearer we approach, the worse the smell and it is getting more difficult to breathe. Dear Master, I cannot stand this smell any longer and I am afraid I cannot go any nearer.
JiGong: Don’t be afraid. I have a precious thing for you; quickly take it.
Yang Sheng: what is this thing?
JiGong: This is the filter which covers your nose and mouth. Then you will not smell anything.
Yang Sheng: Oh, it’s really very useful. I cannot smell anything offensive now. Ah, at the top there are the following words “Dung and Urine Pool of Hades”. Inside the Pool, I see people struggling, some heads popping up and down, and some hands waving about like swimming, all screaming.
General: This is “Dung and Urine Pool of Hades” – quickly go nearer and see.
Yang Sheng: Yes, I will go. Dear Master, do you smell anything offensive?
JiGong: No, I don’t smell anything bad-smelling. I am a Buddha and the smell has no effect on me; not like you human beings who can very easily be affected or bewitched when looking at women and human music.
Yang Sheng: This pool is so large like a sea; I cannot see the shore. Inside there are male and female, young and old, mixing up with the strips of dung and urine. They are screaming and when their mouths are opened, the dung and urine enter their mouths. I cannot stand this sight and I feel like vomiting.
JiGong: Set your mind at rest. Do not allow your heart to be influenced by what you see.
Yang Sheng: I really cannot tolerate the surroundings and atmosphere. Can I ask General for what offence these souls are sent here to be punished?
General: When these souls were human beings on Earth, they were:
1] Prostitutes and earned money by selling their bodies
2] Pimps who cheated girls and seduced them to become prostitutes
3] Smugglers and confidence tricksters
4] Those who used placenta of new born babies as tonic for health and rejuvenation
5] Swindlers and cheats
6] Womanizers
7] Bodyguards of, and gangsters
8] Defaulter tontine heads
9] Deliberate bankrupts
10] Bribery Officials
11] Unscrupulous building contractors
All these people when alive had dirty hearts, therefore when they are sent here to Hades, they have to smell and wobble in the excretion of this Pool. When these souls inhale and exhale, the dung and urine will be swallowed or breathed into the stomach. This well-deserved punishment is to repay for their sins on Earth. The mixture of dung and urine is like sticky mud and the more one struggles the deeper one sinks.
Yang Sheng: It’s truly very pitiful. On Earth people mix hydrochloric acid into sewerage tanks to kill the offensive smell. To the rich they sprinkle essence and sweet-smelling liquids to kill bad smell; but when they earn dirty money like the smell of excretion and when they eventually die, their souls are sent here, they rightly deserve it.
JiGong: What you have just said is very correct, Yang Sheng. Nowadays, people dress very well, live in nice house, eat very well, but they obtain money very unrighteously. What they have done is like the smell of excretion. When alive they enjoyed and when they come here, they have to encounter the bad smell and filthy surroundings; just the very opposite of what they had been enjoying on Earth. It is like eating dung and urine to pass the day.
General: Do not sympathize with all these souls in the Pool. They are worms of excretion. I would advise human beings to be straightforward in their dealings and not to indulge in ill-gotten gains and wealth. If they do not heed my advice when they die their souls will surely be sent here.
Yang Sheng: When then can their souls be relieved from this kind of suffering?
General: It all depends on the gravity of their sins. The least punishment is for the skin and flesh to decompose after which the souls are sent to the Tribunal to stand trial.
Yang Sheng: Oh, it is quite true that Hades is terrible.
JiGong: Time is up and we have to take leave of you. We thank General for everything, and would request General to thank Chu Jiang Wang on our behalf.
Yang Sheng: I am properly seated.
JiGong: Then remove the filter. Let us return. The wind is very strong and chilly and the atmosphere is still stinking. On Earth there is much trouble and there are more bad people than good ones, so therefore I entreat all human beings to cultivate morality so that when they die, their souls will not have to suffer so much in Hades….We have arrived Sheng Xian Tang. Yang Sheng, quickly get down. Soul, enter Yang Sheng’s body.
End of Journey No 11