JOURNEY NO 13   -   10th November 1976


Touring Naihe Qiao and Hades of Dancing.
JiGong: There are several mediums in Sheng Xian Tang; all of you are very hard working in an endeavor towards ascetic practices. This is a very good sign and you are to be congratulated. Your efforts in writing this rare Book to exhort people on Earth to do good is much appreciated.
Yang Sheng: Thank you very much dear Master, for giving me the necessary instructions. We the mediums of Sheng Xian Tang have used up our mental energy and it is our intention to regain our mental energy by our moral culture so that when our rare Book is ready and printed, it will be distributed far and wide so that everyone throughout the land can benefit by reading it. I pray and hope that Heaven will bless our endeavors and make our humble attempt a great success it deserves.
JiGong: If a person has the intention to ascetic practices, it naturally follows that there are bound to be many obstacles. However, I will privately help you so that you can attain the secrets of nature to make your worthy attempt a true success in every way. Now, get ready to go on our journey. Yang Sheng, step on the lotus flower platform.
Yang Sheng: I am properly seated; we can now start.
JiGong: We have arrived; quickly get out of the lotus flower platform.
Yang Sheng: What is this place? I can hear souls crying non-stop. In front I see a bridge from which souls are falling to the bottom below and crying so loudly that even those in Heaven can hear their cries.
JiGong: The name of this place is “Naihe Qiao”. Those sinful people who have died, their souls will have to cross this bridge. Let us go and ask the General for a detailed explanation.
Yang Sheng: This bridge is continually swaying and rocking like a drawbridge and on the bridge there are Ox-head-horse-faced soldiers who are herding the souls and pushing them over the side of the bridge to the space below; this is very cruel.
General: Earlier, we had received orders from Di Zang Wang (God of Earth) informing us that you, JiGong will be bringing Yang Sheng here to have a look. We are very happy to be of any assistance.
JiGong: Don’t stand on ceremony. I am sorry that we will have to cause you some inconvenience.
General: Both of you please follow me; I will bring you for a walk on the bridge.
Yang Sheng: I am afraid to walk on the bridge. I will be only too happy to watch from here.
JiGong: Don’t be afraid; the Ox-head-horse-faced General will not push you over the bridge.
Yang Sheng: Very well; but dear Master, you will have to hold my hand because the bridge is wobbling and I may fall over.
JiGong: That being so, I will hold your hand and we will proceed.
Yang Sheng: Aya, aya; below this bridge there are thousands of snakes, too terrible to see. All sorts of snakes are there, some as huge as pillars with dragons’ heads, mouths wide open and tongues thrusting out. Also below this bridge there are many souls begging for help, many being bitten by the snakes. My limbs are getting soft and I don’t think I can walk any further. Dear Master, let us go back; I cannot stand this horrible sight.
General: Yang Sheng, please do not be afraid. Below this Naihe Qiao is a poisonous snake trench. Those human beings who when alive, had evil hearts cheated people’s money and cheated women, were instigators, caused people to quarrel and fight, took delight cheating others – such people had poisonous hearts and evil intentions. Those poisonous snakes; below this bridge now were created by the poisonous hearts and intestines of the sinners and these will bite other sinners in return. The souls of the sinners when walking on this bridge will suffer soft limbs and will not be able to walk any further; then the Ox-head-horse-faced Generals will push then over the side of the bridge to be bitten by the snakes below. When the souls are pushed down, their feet will drop on the snakes; the legs will struggle and then the snakes will bite them.
Yang Sheng: This is indeed very frightening. Ordinarily, when one sees a snake one will be very afraid and it will not require an Ox-head-horse-faced General to push him down; he will automatically topple over.
JiGong: Let us quickly walk over the bridge. Today we see so many souls walking on this bridge, everyone crying aloud. It serves them right, for when they were alive they were so sinful that when they die they now have to be pushed over the bridge to be bitten by the snakes as a punishment.
Yang Sheng: We have nearly finished walking over the bridge but my heart is still afraid. There is no railing on this bridge for protection thus making one’s heart gets cold and legs become soft. Especially, when one sees so many poisonous snakes below, one’s heart becomes colder and legs softer.
JiGong: Your bile is so small and you are so much afraid; I will give you three pills to steady your heart; quickly swallow them. No need for your face to get pale; and your body exude cold sweat….Quickly thank the General for showing us this place. We will have to visit some other places also.
Yang Sheng: Thank you General of the Bridge for showing us about. Because our time is limited, we have to visit other places also.
General: No need to thank me; I will not escort you further.
JiGong: Yang Sheng, quickly get up on the lotus flower platform; we are going elsewhere.
Yang Sheng: I am securely seated. Dear Master, you can start.
JiGong: We have arrived; get out. In front is the “Hades of Dancing”. This is a new establishment to move with the time and is part of The Second Tribunal.
Officer: Welcome to our place, JiGong and Sheng Xian Tang’s Yang Sheng. We are glad to be of service. We just received advice that both of you will be coming to visit this place. Please follow me inside for a look.
Yang Sheng: Thank you, Officer. Why is it that the hall is pale in color and the light rather dim; I can only hear the jumping of feet and sound of crying.
JiGong: In this place there are only the souls of those people who when alive, were dancing girls and men who patronized dance halls. When we enter you will understand better.
Yang Sheng: Oh, this place is packed with males and females. There are well-dressed men both young and old; the girls are beautiful and wear transparent gauze dresses – they are of all nationalities. Every soul who steps on the dance floor immediately jumps up and cries in pain, the males and females embracing one another continuously. I want to ask Officer what is the meaning of this kind of punishment.
Officer: When the dance hostesses and dance patrons of Earth die, their souls are sent here to let them continue enjoying the thrills and pleasures of dancing; but here it is not the same as the luxurious dance halls on Earth. The floor of the dance hall here is made of red hot iron plate so that when stepped on, the souls have to jump up and cry aloud because of the hot floor….When alive these people were very happy while dancing but here, when they dance on the hot floor, the soles of their feet will get swollen blisters.
Yang Sheng: Officer, there is some truth in what you say. When living they loved dancing and when they die they should also enjoy dancing here but nowadays on Earth things are somewhat different. Some take up dancing for the sake of health and exercise. If the souls of all people who love dancing were sent here, it would appear that the law of Heaven is not fair.
Officer: I tell you frankly; not all the souls here belong to those who loved dancing when they were alive, only those who danced for enjoyment and bodily pleasure are sent here. In the case of females, they were women who took to dancing to earn money initially and additionally, they also took up prostitution; another type are those girls who disobeyed the advice of their parents and persisted frequenting dance halls to have pleasure and subsequently landed in undesirable circumstances and surroundings. We do not punish the souls of those who take up dancing for the sake of health and exercise. I would advise human beings to spend their energy and money on right and proper amusements. Otherwise, if time is spent in the wrong direction, the souls will be sent here after death for punishment.
Yang Sheng: What you said is correct; this modern world has changed – in China people take up Kungfu for the sake of health, but in Western countries they take to dancing for health. It therefore appears that in Hades, punishment is meted out only to those who take up dancing with ulterior motive, not otherwise.
JiGong: The time has come for us to return. We must thank Officer who has taken so much trouble to conduct us so well. Yang Sheng; quickly step on the lotus flower platform.
Yang Sheng: We thank Officer very much. Dear Master, I am safely seated.
JiGong: We will start to return to Sheng Xian Tang……We have arrived; Yang Sheng, get down; soul return to your body.
End of Journey No 13