JOURNEY NO 15   -   29th November 1976


Touring the Third Tribunal

Paying Respect to Song Di Wang
JiGong: We are now going to tour the Third Tribunal. Inside each Tribunal there are various prisons for sinners, but although we have to visit all the Tribunals we will only tour or pay greater attention to the more important prisons of each Tribunal because we do not have enough time to tour all the prisons of all the ten Tribunals in the Underworld. We have to rush to publish this Book so that human beings on Earth can quickly gain maximum benefits from the teachings therein. Yang Sheng; quickly step on the lotus flower platform.
Yang Sheng: Yes, I am properly seated and so we can now start.
JiGong: We have arrived and so please get down.
Yang Sheng: In front there is an archway and a notice board like the ones we have on Earth; on the notice board is pasted a piece of red paper and many Officers and soldiers of Hades and also souls of human beings since dead, are reading the notice. Let us also go and read what it has to say.
JiGong: I already know its contents but as for you, who are in the dark, you can go and read it for yourself.
Yang Sheng: Why is it that the Officers of Hades on seeing us approaching, look as if they are afraid of us?
JiGong: These Officers of Hades know who you are and above all, they also know that in your body you carry a permit from Yu Huang and so they make way for us, not daring to offend us.
Yang Sheng: Oh, I see; this is a notice issued by the Chief of Hades which says that He has received an edict from Yu Huang Da Tian Zun saying that, “at the beginning of time, human beings were very righteous, pure and honest and when these people passed away, their souls went to Paradise – there were no Hades. Later on, when it came to the Middle Ages, human beings became evil, sinful and did wrong deeds; Heaven then established Hades to punish the souls of sinful and evil doers; but the souls of those who were loyal, faithful, and those who practiced filial piety, fidelity, benevolence, righteousness, ascetic pursuits were not sent to Hades to undergo punishment, instead they were sent to Paradise.
Nowadays, things have changed for the worse because everyday there are robberies, wars, fighting, arson, treacherousness, drug addicts – everyday the newspapers have reports of such evil doings. Yu Huang has great pity on human beings and does not want them to fall more deeply into committing more evil acts; therefore, Sheng Xian Tang in Taiwan has been ordered to propagate further the teachings of Confucius, Mancius and Buddha to human beings so that through the righteousness of these teachings, human beings can be saved from further sins.
In addition, Sheng Xian Tang has been ordered to write a Book named “Journeys to the Underworld” with the help of JiGong and Sheng Xian Tang’s medium named Yang Sheng. They have been ordered to tour the Ten Tribunals here and to relate what they see for the purpose of writing this Book for human beings to read and thereby do good deeds. When JiGong and Yang Sheng visit any of your Tribunals, you Officers must give them every assistance so that their purpose of writing this Book can meet with every success. Should any Officer disobey My Order, I shall have no hesitation to punish the offender. This Order is dated 8th Moon 15th Day, Bing Chen Nian (8th September 1976).”
Oh! I see; this is Yu Huang’s Edict.
JiGong: To write this Book, it is not just sufficient to let human beings know about it but it is also necessary to let those in Hades know our purpose. Quickly proceed; we will have to pay our respects to Song Di Wang of the Third Tribunal.
Yang Sheng: How far off is this Third Tribunal? I see so many souls and soldiers of Hades moving about on the road but I cannot see any Tribunal building.
JiGong: Not very far away; quickly step on the lotus flower platform; this is a quick way of reaching the Third Tribunal.
Yang Sheng: Very well, we can start…..
JiGong: We have arrived; quickly get out. The Third Tribunal is just in front of us. Quickly go and pay respect to Song Di Wang and the Civil and Ministry Officers. Look, they are coming to welcome us.
Yang Sheng: Our profound respects to Song Di Wang and all Officers. We are here to tour the Third Tribunal in order that we can write the Book we have been commanded to write; so therefore, I beg you to give us every possible assistance.
Song Di Wang: Yang Sheng, arise; no need to stand on ceremony. I am already aware that Sheng Xian Tang has been most active in propagating the teachings of Sages exhorting human beings to avoid evil and follow God, to further ascetic practices etc. I am very please that you are here; please do come in and then we will discuss.
Yang Sheng: I thank you very much for praising me, which praise I am ashamed to accept. The President of Sheng Xian Tang, Mr Qiu has very ably led and guided all our members in righteous practices and as this is our duty, we cannot accept any praises.
JiGong: Don’t be too modest; let’s go inside.
Song Di Wang: Please be seated. I apologize for the simplicity of the wooden chairs and tables here, not like the comfortable ones you have on Earth. General, please serve tea.
General: Yes, Sir, Please drink tea.
Yang Sheng: Thank you very much. This reception room contains evidence of antiquity; the place is clean and well kept, the walls covered with ancient paintings and writings, like the houses of liberty families.
Song Di Wang: You are right. This is the meeting place of the souls of dead righteous human beings who, when living, had done good deeds and ascetic practices and therefore when they died, their souls come here to drink tea, discuss general matters etc, not like the souls of sinners who have to undergo sufferings in the various prisons of Hades. Look, my Officers here are very free to move about as they like, no restrictions or hindrances whatsoever. Therefore human beings must understand that if they do not do good deeds and carry out ascetic practices they will not be accepted here and will not be allowed freedom of movement but will be sent to the various prisons of Hades to  undergo punishment for their past misdeeds and sins. Further, the souls of sinners will have to undergo punishment in the prisons of Hades, their hands and legs being bound by iron chains, necks being locked by stocks and pillories and bodies being whipped and poked by forks.
JiGong: Time’s up. We must prepare to return to Sheng Xian Tang. Thank Song Di Wang for teaching us. If there is any chance we will come here for further instructions.
Yang Sheng: Thank you very much Song Di Wang and Officers for entertaining us so well. We have to return now. Thank you again.
Song Di Wang: Don’t mention. We expect to see you again.
JiGong: Let us return quickly.
Yang Sheng: We have to hurry; time is running out.
 JiGong: No need to talk so much. Let us start…We have arrived at Sheng Xian Tang. Yang Sheng, get down. Soul, return to your body.
End of Journey No 15.








The Third Tribunal
Song Di Wang