JOURNEY NO 2   -   12TH September 1976
Touring Qingxin Chi ( Happy Heart Pond )
JiGong: Yang Sheng, are you ready to tour Qingxin Chi in the Underworld?
Yang Sheng: My dear Master, I have just returned from ‘Zhang Hua’ in Taiwan and
                      am feeling very tired. Can we postpone this tour to tomorrow?         
JiGong: You are very lazy. Being a holy man you should be able to endure any
               inconvenience and hardship. How can one expect you to do more good deeds?
Yang Sheng: I am very sorry, Master. That being the case, I have now made up my mind
                      to follow you.
JiGong: Very well, now quickly climb up to the platform of the lotus flower and close
               your eyes… open your eyes and get down from the platform.
Yang Sheng: Dear Master, why do you bring me to this place today? I see a very big
                      pond; the water is so clear that I can even see its bottom. I also see three
                      words floating at the surface of the water: ‘Qingxin Chi.’
JiGong: During the first journey a few days ago, I took you to the Cave of Xintou Shan
              and because you have human eyes you could see very little. So now I bring
              you to this pond Qingxin Chi to wash your eyes so that you will be able to see
              clearly like the Heavenly spirits.
Yang Sheng: It is Autumn now and the water of the pond is so cold that I am afraid to
                      dip in it for fear of catching cold.
JiGong: You want to visit the Underworld and yet you are afraid of the cold.
               Nevertheless, I have to push you into the pond.
Yang Sheng: Help me, help me dear Master. I do not know how to swim….You are
                      drowning me; please help me.
JiGong: I want the water to clean your mind as well as your heart. ( After JiGong had
              pushed Yang Sheng into the pond, the officer-in-charge of the pond approached
              JiGong and said.)
Officer: I salute you, JiGong. I respectfully apologise for enquiring about this incident.
              Just now I saw you pushing a man into this pond; I do not know for what reason.
JiGong: Officer, you do not know that on Earth many human beings are committing
              much evil and sinful deeds; their original good nature has been lost and by
              pushing this human being into this pond, the water in it will clean his mind
              and heart and then he can regain his original good nature.
Officer: Very well, because of your explanation I will pull him out.
JiGong: Quick, quick; please pull him out before he sinks to the bottom of the pond.
Officer: I have now rescued him but he is not breathing. How can you bring him back
              to life?
JiGong: This is just a small matter. His evil life has died with his fall into the pond. I
               will now pass this magic fan over his body and you will soon see that he will
               come back to life again……
Officer: Look! He is opening his eyes.
Yang Sheng: Dear Master, why did you push me into the pond?
JiGong: At first, all human beings do not feel like doing good deeds but after some
              persuasion they generally will do good. I have no time to reason with you now. 
Yang Sheng: I thank you very much for teaching me. I now feel like a person reborn.
                      By the way, who is this third person?
JiGong: He is the officer-in-charge of this pond and his duty is to see that no person
              bathes in it except Heavenly Spirits. You are indeed very lucky to have bathed
              in this pond.
Officer: JiGong, why did you bring this person here?
JiGong: This person Yang Sheng is a righteous medium of the temple Sheng Xian Tang
               of Taiwan. The Jade Emperor of Heaven has specially chosen him to make this
               journey and write a book to be called ‘Journeys to the Underworld’ so that
               human beings on Earth who are very sinful and evil can read it. They should
               then repent and try to do good deeds. I have been given the job of conducting
               this person, Yang Sheng’s soul for this journey. Because he is just a human
               being his eyes cannot see so many things as the Heavenly Spirits can. That is
               why I had to push him into the pond in order to wash away any of his earthly
               sins and be reborn so that what the Heavenly Spirits can see, he also can see.
Officer: Oh, I am sorry. I did not know the true reason of your action in pushing
              him into the pond.
JiGong: Time is running out, Yang Sheng, we must continue with our tour. So, goodbye,
              Officer. Yang Sheng, quickly climb up the platform of the lotus flower.
Yang Sheng: My dear Master, where are we going now?
JiGong: No need to ask any question. When we arrive then you will know. Therefore,
              quickly close your eyes…..Now open your eyes and get down from the
Yang Sheng: Where is this place which is so windy and full of sand and dust blowing
                       strongly about and making walking unsteady?
JiGong: This place is called Human/Devil Territory.
Yang Sheng: Oh dear, I see coming from one direction so many beings all crying.
JiGong: You do not know; these are the souls of the newly dead persons who have just
               arrived into the Underworld.
Yang Sheng: I see before me, high up, a board having three words ‘Ying Yang Jie’
                      What is this place?
JiGong: This place is called ‘Yin Yang Jie.’
Yang Sheng: I also see two rows of tall towers. Let us visit the place.
JiGong: Of course we will go there and see.
Yang Sheng: At the entrance of one of the towers there are three characters:
                      ‘Registration Office’ and there are a number of separate departments.
JiGong: Let us proceed.
              This Records Registration Office is under the charge of a Records Registration
Officer: Welcome, JiGong. I see you have brought along Yang Sheng here. On the 8th
              Moon 15th day I received Imperial edict from the Jade Emperor from Heaven
              that JiGong would soon be bringing Yang Sheng of Sheng Xian Tang to tour
              this place  and then return to Earth to write a book on what he had seen.
JiGong: The time has now come for us to return to Earth but will come back and see
              you on our next visit.
Officer: You are welcome, goodbye.
JiGong: Yang Sheng, we have to return quickly to Earth. Get out of here, climb up the
               lotus platform and close your eyes.
Yang Sheng: Yes, I will obey your instructions.
JiGong:  We have now returned to Sheng Xian Tang. Yang Sheng, now open your eyes
                and get down; your soul can return to your body.
End of Journey No 2