JOURNEY NO 22   -   5th March 1977
Touring the Fourth Tribunal Ė Meeting with Wu Guan Wang
JiGong: One year has passed and the new year is now with us. Last year, 8th Moon 15th Day, Sheng Xian Tang received the Order to write the Book: Journeys to the Underworld. Up till now half a year has already gone by and time passes like the revolving lantern. How many times in a personís life can he enjoy Chap Goh Meh? We can see children playing about with lanterns. Those who are more elderly look at the mirror, and try to see if there is an increase in the number of white hair on their heads. If a person does not now begin to think of morality, when does he ever intend to do so? Generally, planning for the year starts in spring, and so with regard to human beings they should begin to plan for the future when they are still young. First of all one must treasure time. Secondly one must treasure oneís own life. Yang Sheng, we will now prepare to tour Hades. You must try to be steadier.
Yang Sheng: Gongxi Facai.
JiGong: Gongxi Gongxi, but I do not dream of Facai (prosperity) because I have gold and jade in abundance; I would very much prefer to have a good son.
Yang Sheng: You are the one who renounced the world and here you mention wanting a son; isnít it against the rules of Buddhahood?
JiGong: You have judged me wrong. What I meant was that the world should have more intelligent, honorable, upright and glorious sons rather than numerous clever but deceptive sons; then only can there be peace on Earth, in which case I will not have to busy myself rushing about to save humanity.
Yang Sheng: Master, your speech is charming but nowadays, people expect that as soon as a child is born, it will bring good luck and prosperity to the parents, and the prevailing trend is to wish one another Gongxi Facai immediately, rather than to give birth to a child and hoping that the baby will bring luck and prosperity in due course.
JiGong: It does not mean that clever boys only can earn money but there are also cunning women who can earn money! Ha, ha. I am afraid I have made mistake in my speech. We must now prepare to tour Hades; step on the lotus flower platform quickly.
Yang Sheng: Why is it that this year, the lotus flower platform appears larger?
JiGong: Your burden is heavy and the journey long. You have advanced in your morality and therefore this lotus flower seat must also get bigger.
Yang Sheng: I feel I cannot accept this honor to occupy the lotus flower seat. I have committed quite a number of sins. Therefore how can I occupy this lotus flower seat?
JiGong: Although the lotus flower grows from the filthy pond, the flower itself is pure. So, if human beings can be like the lotus flower, it will be quite alright. Quickly get up on the lotus flower platform and we will tour the Fourth Tribunal.
Yang Sheng: I am safely seated. Dear Master, you can start.
JiGong: I am in good spirits today and I will sing a song. This song is to advise human beings by:
1] Asking human beings why do they hurry. It is because of the three meals.
2] Asking human beings what they pray for. It is because of fame and name and gain and constantly worrying.
3] Asking human beings why they are enamourous. It is because they are in love which will ruin their health.
4] Asking human beings what they are thinking about. They are thinking about rubbish and indulging in vain hopes.
5] Asking human beings what they are worrying for. Why engage in unreasonable and ungainly pursuits.
6] Asking human beings what they have gained in the end. Constantly being busy during their whole life and at death they are empty handed.
7] Asking human beings why ravage women. Remember what they do to others, the same will be done to their wives and daughters.
8] Asking human beings what are they waiting for? Quickly go and practise ascetic undertakings.
9] Asking human beings how do they go about ascetic practices? Exactly like the lotus flower which grows from the filthy pond; be like the lotus flower.
10] Asking human beings what is true happiness? To be on board Guan Yinís Barge of Compassion which ferries departed souls from this world of care to the realms of bliss.
We have arrived Yang Sheng, get down. This is the Fourth Tribunal.
Yang Sheng: Oh, this is really the Forth Tribunal.
JiGong: Wu Guan Wang and Officers are here, so let us go and pay our respects.
Yang Sheng: Our humble respects to you, Wu Guan Wang and Officers. I am Sheng Xian Tangís representative who has been ordered to write the Book; Journeys to the Underworld. JiGong has kindly brought me here; so please give me every assistance.
Wu Guan Wang: Please make yourself at home. So early in the new year you have been so hardworking already getting information for the Book. We greatly appreciate your hard work which goes a long way to increase your morality. Will JiGong and Yang Sheng please follow us inside for a short rest?
Yang Sheng: Thank you, Wu Guan Wang, for receiving us so very kindly.
Wu Guan Wang: Please have a seat. General, quickly serve nectar to our guests.
Yang Sheng: Thank you so much, Wu Guan Wang.
JiGong: Yang Sheng, you are very lucky, Wu Guan Wang gives you nectar to drink. Do you know that this nectar is a very rare beverage in Heaven? After drinking this nectar you will become more intelligent and enlightened.
Wu Guan Wang: Donít be shy; quickly drink the nectar.
Yang Sheng: Wow, it smells good; so good in fact that the smell enters my very heart. I am beginning to have a cool and refreshing feeling which turns into a feeling of warmth. I must thank Wu Guan Wang very much for this honor. I am determined to complete this Book, come what may.
Wu Guan Wang: Donít stand on ceremony. This nectar comes from the Fairy Pond. Everyone of the Ten Tribunals serves this nectar. After drinking it oneís spirituality will become brighter. In Hades, the Officers are allowed to drink Heavenly tea only. The soldiers of Hades are allowed to drink Pure Tea only. Because of the different levels of position and seniority there must of course be some different standards of treatment.
Yang Sheng: How do you handle the cases that come before this Fourth Tribunal?
Wu Guan Wang: I am in charge of 16 small Prisons; in addition, there are other types of new prisons. Nowadays because human beings on Earth commit new types of sins, so therefore, we must have new types of prisons to handle them. When sinful human beings die, their souls are sent to Hades where they have to pass through Gui Men Guan after which they have to appear before the Magic Mirror to prove their sins to decide which Tribunal they have to be sent to be sentenced according to what kind of sin they had committed. Presently, I have to handle a case, so will you please follow me to the court to see for yourself what goes on.
Yang Sheng: Yes, I see that inside, the Ox-head-horse-faced soldiers are dragging a male soul who, seen from outside, appears to be a person of position, like manager or chairman. He has a good looking face and bright; slightly bald. I donít know what sins he had committed but he looks very frightened.
Wu Guan Wang: This fellow was very smart and cunning. When he was alive, he was a businessman dealing in Western medicines and was expert in making medicines and pills. He manufactured imitation patented medicines and cheated people thus becoming rich. Now that his life has expired, the soldiers of Hades have brought him here to be sentenced by me.
JiGong: Time is up, so we have to return. We will come again next time and ask this sinful soul to relate his story. We must seek Wu Guan Wangís pardon for this sudden break in procedure because of lack of time.
Wu Guan Wang: Never mind, General, soldiers and staff, escort JiGong and Yang Sheng out and bid them goodbye. 
JiGong: Quickly leave this Office and prepare to return.
Yang Sheng: Thank you, Wu Guan Wang and all Officers for your hospitality. We are now leaving.
JiGong: Yes, quickly step on the lotus flower platform and prepare to return.
Yang Sheng: Yes, Sir; I am securely seated. We can now start.
JiGong: We have arrived at Sheng Xian Tang. Yang Sheng, get down. Soul, return to your body.
End of Journey No 22





Fourth Tribunal
Wu Guan Wang