JOURNEY NO 27   -   23rd April 1977
Touring the Prison of Poisonous Bees
JiGong: The life of a devout ascetic practitioner requires great self-denial and self-sacrifice. If one is in earnest surely one will succeed. There are numerous temples, shrines and places of worship throughout the length and breadth of the land with signboards centrally displayed. These places of worship exhort human beings to do good deeds and anyone entering them should feel as if entering earthly paradise. But, nowadays, many people use the names of Deities, Sages and religious personages for their own material gains, e.g.; some make statues of Sages, etc, to sell to tourists. Others use the good name of temples, shrines and places of worship to hoodwink well-intentioned women. These malpractices damage and abuse the propriety of the Sages and such people, by indirectly deceiving the innocent ones, have committed great sins. The laws of Hades are very strict and severe punishment will be imposed on such evil doers. Today I will bring Yang Sheng to tour Hades so that he can, through his observation there, return and write the Book to tell human beings to walk the right path. Yang Sheng; get ready to climb up to the lotus flower platform.
Yang Sheng: I obey your orders, dear Master; I am safely seated on the lotus flower platform. I don’t know what part of Hades we are going this time.
JiGong: We are going to visit the Prison of Poisonous Bees. Close your eyes quickly and be prepared for the trip.
Yang Sheng: I have closed my eyes. Dear Master, we can start now.
JiGong: We have arrived; get out.
Yang Sheng: oh, the Prison of Poisonous Bees is right in front of us. The soldiers of Hades are directing plenty of souls to the Prison and the soldiers are hammering the souls and they are crying loudly. Hearing these loud crying cause a feeling of sadness inside me. I don’t know why they are being brought here.
JiGong: Everyone of these souls had made use of good name of the Sages and Deities for their own material gains on Earth. They made a lot of money and enjoyed themselves very much when they were living, but now that they are dead, they have to undergo punishment in Hades. To understand the situation better, we have to enter the Prison itself to observe. Go and pay your respects quickly.
Yang Sheng: Officer and General, I am Yang Sheng a medium of Sheng Xian Tang. I have received an Order to accompany JiGong to tour Hades so that on returning to Earth we can write a Book on what we have seen, for human beings to read. Would you kindly help us in our mission?
Officer: That’s right; don’t stand on ceremony. This place is called “Prison of Poisonous Bees” and is under the charge of the Fourth Tribunal and is somewhat a practically new institution to deal with sinful souls and to punish them. Please follow me to see what goes on inside.
Yang Sheng: Thank you very much. Ah! Dear Master, I am afraid to enter because of the great number of bees, everyone of them is as big as the beetle, black with big heads. They sting on the souls thus causing them to cry, shriek and groan in pain. There is totally no way to avoid the bees or to escape – all crowding to the corners of the walls. A few bees are flying towards us; I am very much afraid, let us run away. These tiger-head bees are very poisonous and will certainly cause death.    
JiGong: Why all this fuss? Why are you so fearful? Each and everyone of these bees has spirituality – they do not sting as and when they feel like stinging but they sting only those who are sinful, exactly the same as flies and mosquitoes do not invade places which are clean but only those places which are dirty and filthy. The reason why some of these poisonous bees fly towards us is because they want to welcome us.
Yang Sheng: This is rather odd. It’s like firing big crackers to welcome us in a way.
Officer: Yes, please do not be afraid. If indeed these poisonous bees choose to sting us, all of us would have run away by now. These bees have divine spirit and they will punish only those who used the good name of the Deities and Saints, etc, to get quick money and those who prey on women’s simplicity for a living. If any sinful soul in this Prison tries to escape, all these bees will go after him and sting him the more. Just see for yourself, everyone of the souls has scars on the body, and the head is swollen. When the poison sting takes effect, tears drip from the eyes and the souls become restless, jumping about all the time.
Yang Sheng: This punishment is so very cruel and all the souls rushing about within this small Prison which has no extra doors to escape. Can I ask Officer for what sins are they sent here to be punished?
Officer: I will summon a couple of the souls for them to tell you their story.
JiGong: Very well; in fact most Officers in Hades know that we are here to write the Book and they had been most co-operative. Will you, therefore, also assist us by affording us the necessary facilities?
Officer: Don’t say that; it is our duty to assist as best we can. I will now release a couple of sinful souls so that Yang Sheng can have first hand information.
Yang Sheng: Can I ask this Mister for what sins you committed on Earth that caused your soul to be sent here to suffer this type of punishment?
Soul: To talk about it, I feel very ashamed. When I was living in Western Taiwan, I was a medium of a certain temple. I was one of the handlers of the planchette board for a number of years. Later, I was promoted to be the number two of the temple. At one time, through planchette writing, my temple published a Book telling people that they should do good deeds, for free distribution. I was very energetic and went around collecting money from well-wishers throughout the land for the purpose of printing and distributing the book. Because of my “gift of the gap” within just over two months, I was able to collect $300,000 for the book. It so happened that at that time, I was in financial difficulties – my creditors were pressing for early settlement. I did not know what to do. The collection of $300,000 was still with me, so what could I do with so much money staring at me in the face? I had to do something to save myself. I paid $200,000 to the temple to publish the book and kept the balance of $102,456 for myself. After settling with my creditors, there was still some balance which I retained for my personal use. All these “below the counter” transactions were not known to others. In due course, my conscience pricked me and I felt much ashamed, although at the numerous planchette sessions the Deities never mentioned anything about my shameful actions. Three years ago, I suffered from a serious stomach disease and subsequently died. The Ox-head-horse-faced soldiers of Hades brought my soul to Hades.
The Deities scolded me loudly, “Although you had led a sinful life when you were living, now that you are dead, you still have not awakened to realize your past wrong-doings. I did not disclose to you (and others) your secret actions about your financial manipulations during the various planchette sessions because we Deities, through the medium of planchette writing, will only always teach human beings the correct path of doing good and will never bring out any wrong-doing of a person. I did not want to bring out your specific bad behavior but it was my intention that everybody through the planchette writing teachings will realize and turn to doing good. You, yourself had read so many good books and tracts and yet you did not follow the advices given, in them. Therefore you must now suffer the punishment that is proper to you”. 
The soldiers of Hades then brought me before the Magic Mirror which reflected every deed and action I made when I was alive, including my mishandling of the temple’s collections money – not a bit was left out. When I saw this, it pained my heart terribly and caused my gall to jump. Then I was handed over to the Fourth Tribunal for Wu Guan Wang to sentence me. I was sentenced to this Prison of Poisonous Bees for a period of 28 years. After serving this term, I will be sent to the Fifth Tribunal for another sentence. Now, everyday, I am being stung by the Bees all over my body which is very painful and causing swelling. When these poisonous bees see me, they come directly for me but in this Prison there is no place to escape to. I repent very much but too late. When I was living, I was a benefactor of people while I was attached to the temple but unfortunately I did not heed the warnings of the Deities. Because I made one silly mistake, on account of money, I have now to undergo this punishment. I sincerely hope that all temple mediums will carry out their duties very properly and will not make a single mistake or wrong-doing. One can bluff the eyes of others but not the eyes of Heaven. I greatly repent for my past actions and I now wish to apologise to the Deities and my friends in the temple. I am very much ashamed for my past misdeeds.
Officer: When you alive, you were more or less a disciple of the Deities and Sages when performing temple work but you failed to follow their good teachings although you knew very well what was good and what was bad. You therefore had offended the Deities in  Heaven as well as the many people who trusted you and contributed generously towards the expenses for publishing the book. Those who make offerings either in kind or in money, out of the sincerity of their hearts to temples, etc, will reap the benefits, although some priests and others who receive the offerings may use such well-meaning offerings for other purposes. Therefore, if an offering is given whole heartedly the benefits will always go to the giver, those who worship money will constantly have evil thoughts which will follow and shadow them always. Those who are involved in collecting money for religious purpose must account for every cent collected. I hope that human beings will take heed of this.
JiGong: People who spoil the good name of temples and places of worship have committed grave sins and the soldiers of Hades will never forgive them. I want to let human beings know that ascetic practitioners must follow the right rules of ascetic practice in every detail. Otherwise, when they die, they will have to undergo great sufferings in the various Prisons of Hades; also they will have to pass through the four types of reincarnations viz; 1] worm, 2] fish, 3] fowl, and 4] animal. Therefore do not be a hypocrite. Time is running short Yang Sheng, prepare to return. Thank you, Officer.
Yang Sheng: Thank you, Officer and General, for giving me so much assistance. Because we have limited time, we have to return now.
Officer: All Generals, line up and escort our honor guests out. Next time, do come again; you are always welcome.
Yang Sheng: I am safely seated; dear Master, we can start.
JiGong: We have arrived at Sheng Xian Tang. Yang Sheng, get down. Soul, return to your body.
End of Journey No 27